competitive bidding

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open competitive selection

The process of selecting a contractor in which an advertisement for bids is published in the news media to notify qualified contractors of the owner’s intention to receive sealed competitive bids.
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The system was established in 1987 and automated in 1990 pursuant to New York City's Administrative Code2 and designed to inform a contracting agency whether a contractor or subcontractor, in addition to being the lowest responsive bidder, is also a "responsible" bidder, entitled to awarded a public contract.
The subject of Part 1 of a public contract is a framework agreement for a period of 24 months with a single bidder for the supply of printers and multifunction devices for VZP CR according to the actual needs of the principal to the extent and in accordance with its terms.
of Encino violated the state Public Contract Code by illegally substituting plumbing subcontractors on the library project.
Each time San Francisco uses its race and sex preferences to award a public contract to a firm that is not the lowest responsible bidder, city taxpayers pick up the tab for thousands of dollars," said PLF attorney Stephen R.
The contracting authority of this public contract is the Belgian Technical Cooperation , public-law company with social purposes, with its registered office at Rue Haute 147, 1000 Brussels in Belgium (enterprise number 0264.
Public contract consisted of three parts, and the applicant could submit a bid for one, several or all of the public contract.
The lawsuit also alleges that California Public Contract Code Section 2000 is unconstitutional by authorizing and encouraging local government agencies to adopt preference programs that violate Proposition 209.
Public tender is divided into 3 parts with these subjects - Part 1 of a public contract - performance technical and safety supervision of water works I.
Shapiro is a senior partner of Shapiro, Fussell, Wedge, Smotherman & Martin, an Atlanta law firm specializing in construction disputes and public contract law.
Public contract for the planned investment projects, planned repairs and ensuring the elimination of the state of emergency wire and cable high and low voltage, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the distribution system.
The subject of the public contract is the preparation of project documentation including the author~s supervision during the execution stage.

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