Public Supervision

Public Supervision


(police supervision). According to prerevolutionary legislation, public supervision was a measure to secure the appearance of a defendant, applied by investigative agencies (sometimes called special police supervision). It was also a principal or additional penalty that was applied according to a court sentence and determined according to the Code of Laws on Criminal Punishments of 1903. Public supervision might be imposed for life (for persons who had been exiled to distant places) or temporarily (for one to four years). In addition, public supervision in prerevolutionary Russia was an administrative measure, applied according to the Statute of 1882 on persons who were found to be “harmful to public peace.” In this sense, public supervision was used chiefly as a means for extrajudicial repression of persons suspected by the gendarmerie—the Okhranka (tsarist secret police)—of being members of revolutionary organizations.

The imposition of public supervision meant an essential restriction of the rights of the person under supervision: his residence permit was withdrawn and replaced by a special certificate, and he was excluded from government service and teaching jobs.

Public supervision under prerevolutionary legislation must not be confused with administrative supervision in the USSR over certain categories of persons discharged from places of detention, which was established by the decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of July 26, 1966, and June 12, 1970.


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The year of 2018 will become a breakthrough in updating the system of public supervision, as changes will affect approaches concerning the implementation of the control function.
The department said it will better manage its firefighters and it welcomes public supervision in the future," Xinhua said.
By calling for judicial prudence for issuing warrants, establishing probable cause for an infringement, and authorizing public supervision of the operation and argument entailed (Popescu-Ljungholm, 2015a), we may further both privacy and security.
To effectively tackle corruption the government needs to put a grip on power under public supervision.
In his remarks, Li acknowledged these criticisms, saying that public supervision of high-ranking officers is an effective way to cut down on corruption.
Do they want this paper -- which had supported all of the government's rightful moves to combat corruption and boost transparency and accountability, particularly including the Court of Accounts Law -- to second the ruling party's recent nonsensical and arbitrary moves to render the Court of Accounts dysfunctional, disrupt all public supervision and auditing mechanisms, reduce the fines and penalties for fraudulent public procurement transactions, amend the public tender law at will depending on the specific contracts, avoid being accountable to the public and move away from transparency?
Even with such prevalent and public supervision, however, the military's response has been disappointing.
The statement also asked all media organizations to publish the lists of their news staff in their publications or on official websites in order to receive public supervision.
Increasing the funds of administrative units and developing their economic resources and developmental chances are also among the aims of the new law, along with enhancing the role of official supervision (administrative and judicial) and public supervision represented in citizens, popular organizations, vocational syndicates, local society and the media.
Nasser al-Omar, have forwarded a letter to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, demanding reforms, including the firing of "opportunists" and corrupt officials, putting an end to public money wasting and placing government contracts and transactions under public supervision.
This flawed arrangement obviously requires verifiable public supervision of LTD.
Political change through increasing public supervision of power and greater government transparency are expected to be discussed, the China Daily newspaper reported, citing a national think tank under the State Council.

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