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public broadcasting:

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transmission, usually using radio frequencies, of sound or images to a large number of radio or television receivers. In the United States the first regularly scheduled radio broadcasts began in 1920 at 8XK (later KDKA) in Pittsburgh.
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The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is pleased that we, together with NPR and SoundExchange have reached an agreement on Internet streaming of sound recordings by public radio stations funded by CPB that recognizes the unique nature of public radio and the vital service it provides to the American people," said Pat Harrison, president and CEO, CPB.
Today, I'm thrilled to announce another amazing hookup: this one with Reveal, the Center for Investigative Reporting's innovative public radio program and podcast.
This past April, 1 month after her highly publicized resignation as CEO of NPR (National Public Radio),Vivian Schiller delivered a warning to her former public radio colleagues, saying, "There is massive change on the horizon.
The research is Interpersonal Negotiation and Conflict Among Female Producers in Private and Public Radio Stations.
1 and Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN), both Alaska public radio organizations, are celebrating 30 years of service to the people of Alaska.
95) comes from the host and announcer of the radio hit PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, now heard on public radio stations across the country, and follows a young man who lands in upstate New York to manage a public radio station at a college, achieving much success but still feeling his life is empty.
The member-supported public radio station, which has been operating since 1963, has created a highly appealing menu that mixes classical and news programming with specialty shows hosted by deeply knowledgeable music aficionados like Menachekanian who really know their Handel from their Hendrix.
What started as an experiment in 1997 has exploded into one of the five most popular public radio programs heard in over 250 markets across the country.
There is a vast army of public radio news and talk producers (I'm one of them) who are chronically underpaid and underemployed.
The Silent Generation: From Saipan to Tokyo" will be distributed nationwide by Public Radio International for broadcast on Nov.
The perceived inefficiency not only discourages active participation but also breeds an element of distrust between advocates and those trying to help them through programming and research (National Public Radio 1999).
The award reflects the growing influence of Radio Arte, one of a handful of Latino-owned public radio stations in the country.

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