Publius Quintilius Varus

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Varus, Publius Quintilius


Born circa 53 B.C.; died A.D. 9. Roman political leader and general.

Varus was a consul in 13 B.C. and legate to Syria from 7 to 6 B.C. Beginning in A.D. 5 he was governor of the province of Germany and in A.D. 9, because of his extortions and the policy of forced Romanization that he was carrying out, he caused a revolt against Rome of the German tribes led by Arminius. The rebels lured Varus’ army into the Teutoburg Forest and utterly defeated it. Varus committed suicide.

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Augustus, the first Roman emperor, pragmatically drew the limits of the Classical civilized world at the left bank of the Rhine after Publius Quintilius Varus fell on his sword when he lost no less than three legions in the Teutoburger Waid, the dark apparently untracked forest waste of Germania Libera, where trees were worshipped rather than the gods of Olympus.

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