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(puffers), a family of fish of the order Plectognathi (or Tetraodontiformes). The fused jaw bones form plates that resemble four teeth. The skin is covered with spines or is naked. The pelvic fins are absent, and the pectoral fins are well developed, allowing the Tetraodontidae to move backward as well as forward. The stomach has saclike outgrowths that, when filled with air or water, make the fish resemble prickly balls.

The family comprises 19 genera, with more than 90 species. The Tetraodontidae are distributed in subtropical and tropical seas. There are four freshwater genera, including the most common genus Tetraodon. The meat of the Tetraodontidae is very tasty and is highly prized in the countries of the Far East. The skin, peritoneum, liver, and gonads are poisonous.


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"A big ball of these pufferfish, maybe 400 fish, will sort of rise up on the rising tide and beach themselves," said Gareth Fraser, an evolutionary developmental biologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville.
Normally, the spines are localised to specific areas on the Pufferfish. Fraser said that this localisation of the spines is to enhance protection.
The ministry's warning came after Banteay Meanchey province saw its third fatal case of pufferfish poisoning on Tuesday when a family became sick after the mother cooked fish that had been discarded by a local fisherman.
In July 2011, the Agriculture Ministry banned fishing, selling and consuming any of the seven species of pufferfish found in the Mediterranean Sea in decree 272/1, following several people were hospitalized after eating the fish.
Matthias MEnuser, the head of the museum, said the pufferfish lived around 150 million years ago.
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However, the lowest di-nucleotide repeats were the motif (CG)n (0.14%) and (GC)n (0.16%), which is in accordance with many organism genomes, such as Chinese shrimp Fenneropenaeus chinensis (Kong and Gao, 2005) and Japanese Pufferfish Fugu rubripes (Edwards et al.,1998).
Angus MacFadyen, CEO of Pufferfish offers the following advice.
Already the widening of the Suez Canal has brought the lagocephalus, also known as silver-cheeked toadfish, which is an extremely poisonous type of pufferfish, and the lionfish, another venomous marine fish, to Cyprus, coordinator of the event Kelly Martinou said.
When the tea leaves rot, dried in the shape of a man eating a poisonous pufferfish, and suggest a world.
Glynn and Wellington (1983) speculated that exceedingly high urchin abundances in the Galapagos could be the result of top-predator (shark) removal of urchin predators (pufferfish, wrasses, and triggerfish).