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(puffers), a family of fish of the order Plectognathi (or Tetraodontiformes). The fused jaw bones form plates that resemble four teeth. The skin is covered with spines or is naked. The pelvic fins are absent, and the pectoral fins are well developed, allowing the Tetraodontidae to move backward as well as forward. The stomach has saclike outgrowths that, when filled with air or water, make the fish resemble prickly balls.

The family comprises 19 genera, with more than 90 species. The Tetraodontidae are distributed in subtropical and tropical seas. There are four freshwater genera, including the most common genus Tetraodon. The meat of the Tetraodontidae is very tasty and is highly prized in the countries of the Far East. The skin, peritoneum, liver, and gonads are poisonous.


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The scheme is centred on two actions: increasing fishing during the reproductive season by creating collective fishing groups, and testing alternative fishing techniques to help reduce the number of pufferfish.
No this was the pufferfish at work again, expanding itself far beyond necessity in order to ensure its survival and scare away anyone who might pose a threat.
Yes, the Japanese do eat pufferfish, at least the edible and non-toxic parts of a number of species.
When this pufferfish inflates in self-defense, its skin projects razor-sharp spines that cover the body--making it look pretty unappetizing.
The fugu, or pufferfish, is a great delicacy in the Orient.
Smit and colleagues at the Institute also had participated in the initial genome analyses of the two previously sequenced vertebrate genomes, human and pufferfish.
In this stunning episode, we're also lucky enough to be witness to one of the most magnificent displays of all - from the male pufferfish, which impresses its mates by building a spectacular underwater crop circle in the sand.
From pufferfish, triggerfish, and lizardfish to sea horses and sargasso weed, dolphin seem to gobble up whatever is in their path.
org/wiki/Bacillus_subtilis], 9 Natto which is very popular as breakfast 7% Pufferfish [http://en.
I was seeing how different organisms have these different unique mechanisms that allow them to change their size on demand, like pufferfish that can grow to look more impressive and scary," he stated.
As well as Amazing Amazon, Blue Reef is also home to the spectacular outdoor Seal Cove display, a family of Asian short claw otters, and hundreds of tropical and native marine and freshwater species including tropical sharks and rays, poison arrow frogs, seahorses and pufferfish.