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(Nikolaevsk from 1835 to 1918), a city under oblast jurisdiction and administrative center of Pugachev Raion, Saratov Oblast, RSFSR. Landing on the right bank of the Bol’-shoi Irgiz River (a tributary of the Volga). Railroad junction for lines to Balakovo, Ershov, and Kuibyshev. Population, 35,000 (1974).

Pugachev has a plant for the construction of equipment for livestock farms and a furniture factory. The food-processing industry is represented by a milk-canning combine, a flour-milling plant, a vegetable cannery, and a poultry-processing plant. There are two mixed-feed plants, and the city also produces construction materials.

Pugachev has a drainage and irrigation technicum, a museum of local lore, the V. I. Chapaev House-Museum, and a people’s amateur theater. E. I. Pugachev lived in the sloboda (tax-exempt settlement) of Mechetnaia (later Nikolaevsk), which was founded in the 1760’s.

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It is only to prevent some Pugachev or other from killing my children and yours, and Arakcheev from sending me off to some Military Settlement.
Participants and visitors of the exhibition will be able to see such complex and spectacular figures as spatial barrels, somersaults, a flat corkscrew, the famous 'Pugachev's Cobra' and others.
This preoccupation is reflected in the well-known note to The History of the Pugachev Rebellion, in which Pushkin clearly lays out the division of social forces during the time of the Pugachev movement, or rather, in the face of it.
In the case of the poet Gavriil Derzhavin (1743-1816), Hamburg makes clear what a key influence the events of the Pugachev Rebellion of 1773-75 had on Derzhavin's political ideas (esp.
Emelyan Pugachev led the revolt over harsh rules of military service, the injustices of serfdoms and bureaucrats.
A notable example of this was the acquisition of the dying French newspaper France-Soir by the son of Russian oligarch Alexander Pugachev in 2009.
The export of meat from Ukraine to Azerbaijan rose by 2.7 times and amounted to $37.8 million in 2017, Ukrainian media quoted Nikolai Pugachev, director of the national scientific center "Institute of Agrarian Economics" and academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, as saying.
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In the Pugachev's Cobra, a plane flying at a moderate speed suddenly raises its nose to the vertical position and slightly beyond, before dropping it back to normal flight.
Siekiant realistiskai sumodeliuoti pleisejimo procesa, siame darbe taikoma atsitiktinius skaicius generuojanti funkcija, atsitiktinai parenkanti plysio atsiradimo vieta (Pugachev 2013).