a city in Poland, in Lublin Województwo on the Vistula River. Population, 39,800 (1973). A center of the chemical industry, Puławy has the country’s largest nitrogen fertilizer combine. One of Europe’s first agricultural schools, the Novo-aleksandriia Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, was established in the city in the 19th century.

Puławy is the site of one of Poland’s largest palace and park complexes, built in the classical style between 1785 and 1810 by the architect P. Aigner. In the 18th century it became the residence of the Czartoryski family. In the English-style park are a palace, originally built in the baroque style circa 1676 (architect Tylman a Gameren) and rebuilt circa 1809; the Marynka Palace (1790–94); a church (1800–03); and two pavilions, called the Temple of the Sibyl (1798–1801) and the Gothic House (1800–09).

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Contract notice: Delivery of liquid fuel and supplies to service cars region regional roads in pulawy in 2016.
Contract notice: "making services in the field of forest management in the forest district pulawy in 2016".
In June 2009, it was announced that Polish chemicals group Pulawy would not be buying shares in the coal mine after its offer to invest received no response from Bogdanka.
Contract award: preparation of complete documentation for the construction of multi-branch mediateka in pulawy, along with land development and supervising the implementation of copyright works.
The contract is Making services directly related to the conduct of forest management in Nadlesnictwie RymanEw in 2016 (indigenous, hauling wood, management and protection of forest in 16 rangeries and the work of nursery L-ctwie nursery and game management in OHZ-189), which consists of two parts - Lot No 1 are services to be performed rangeries: Bieszczady Mountains, Bukowica, Gifts, Lipowiec Moszczaniec, Rudawka, Shakhty, Szklary, Nursery, Wislok, Will Nizna,- Part 2 are services to be performed rangeries: Klimkowka, Pastures, Posada Zarszynska, Pulawy, Rymanow Zdroj, Will Sekowa, Hunting OHZ 189.
Contract notice: Gradual delivery of diagnostic kits in 2016 to the national veterinary institute - national research institute in pulawy and branch piwet - pib - department of foot and mouth disease in zdunska wola in 2016.
Contract notice: Gradual delivery of reagents and kits for molecular biology in 2016 to the national veterinary institute - national research institute in pulawy and branch piwet-pib - department of foot and mouth disease in zdunska wola.
Contract notice: The contract is to provide and support long-term loan for the independent public healthcare in pulawy in the amount of 20 000 000.
Contract notice: Comprehensive insurance service of the independent public healthcare centre in pulawy.
Contract notice: Development of study technical, economic and environmental, along with the materials to obtain a decision on environmental conditions for the project "construction of the expressway s12 on the section node radom south (the hub) - pulawy (node" bronowice "on the ring road pulawy).
Contract notice: Delivery crash barriers with installation on provincial roads administered by the division of regional roads in pulawy.