pulse code modulation

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pulse code modulation:

see modulationmodulation,
in communications, process in which some characteristic of a wave (the carrier wave) is made to vary in accordance with an information-bearing signal wave (the modulating wave); demodulation is the process by which the original signal is recovered from the wave
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Pulse Code Modulation

(PCM) A method by which an audio signal is represented as digital data.

Virtually all digital audio systems use PCM, including, CD, DAT, F1 format, 1630 format, DASH, DCC, and MD. Many people get confused because "PCM" is also slang for Sony's F1 format which stores PCM digital audio on videotape.
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The bit rate of uncompressed music can be easily calculated from the sampling rate (44.1 kHz), pulse code modulation resolution (16 bits), and number of sound channels (two) to be 1,411,200 bits per second.
Hence, pulse code modulation signal multiplexing has become passe.
[11] Recommendation G.712, Transmission performance characteristics of pulse code modulation, ITU-T, 1992.
TDM Pulse Code Modulation & demodulation Training kit Module with Hamming code &
Calculating operating costs between sites and the equipment expenditure, Elite estimates it will recoup its investment in less than half a year after running PCM (pulse code modulation) voice over the ATM network.
This new test instrument is a state-of-the-art microwave upconverter/signal source that covers the 0.01 to 20 GHz frequency range with the capability to provide a very low phase noise CW source, pulse modulation or to upconvert complex modulation such as pulse code modulation, spread spectrum and various other types of signals that can be generated with lower frequency instruments.
This is the first of several anticipated patents covering Townshend's inventions embodying the pulse code modulation technology basic to making a V.90 or any other 56K(a) analog modem.
We then review coded modulation, differential pulse code modulation, and trellis codes quantization of memoryless sources.
Modulation : Pulse Code Modulation ; Sync Signal : Pseudo Random Sync Code Generator Error Check Code : Off - Odd - Even - Hamming Operating Mode : Fast : 320 KHz / channel approximately Slow : 1.9 Hz / channel approximately ; Test Points : 50 nos ; 4 Nos of Switched faults for different Error Check Options Power Supply : 110-220 V, A10%, 50 Hz