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a city in Poland, on the Narew River, in Warsaw Województwo. During the war between Russia, Prussia, and France in 1806–07, a battle was fought between French and Russian troops near Pułtusk on Dec. 14 (26), 1806. After capturing Warsaw and the crossings over the Vistula, Napoleon decided to encircle the Russian troops. Thinking that the main group of the Russian forces was at Gołymin, northwest of Pułtusk, he sent his main forces there. At the same time Marshal J. Lannes’ corps of 20,000 men was dispatched to Pułtusk to capture crossings and cut off the Russian Army from the rear.

On December 14 (26) Lannes’ corps ran into General L. L. Bennigsen’s corps of 45,000 men, which on December 13 (25) had taken up positions along the right bank of the Narew River in an attempt to slow down the enemy advance. The repeated attacks of Lannes’ corps, supported by a division of 5,000 men from Marshal L. Davout’s corps, were repulsed, and the Russian troops succeeded in throwing the enemy back from Pułtusk. Napoleon’s attempt to turn the left flank of the Russian Army was foiled. On the morning of December 15 (27), in view of the threat posed by the main forces of Napoleon’s army from the northwest, Bennigsen withdrew to Ostrołęka.

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You have brought your army corps to Pultusk, routed: here it is exposed, and without fuel or forage, so something must be done, and, as you yourself reported to Count Buxhowden yesterday, you must think of retreating to our frontier- which do today.'
This is the battle of Pultusk, which is considered a great victory but in my opinion was nothing of the kind.
Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki made the statement on Saturday during a "patriotic picnic" in the town of Pultusk in central Poland.
This fate befell the churches in Augustow (1926), Aleksandrow Kujawski, Janow Lubelski (1922), Jedrzejow (1921), Grajewo, Kalisz (1920), Kolno, Kozienice, Lubartow, Lublin (1924), Lask, Lomza, Mlawa, Modlin, Opoczno (1924), Osowiec, Ostrow Mazowiecka, Pinczowo, Plonsk (1918), Przasnysz (1918), Pultusk, Raczki, Radomsko, Raducz, Rawa Mazowiecka, Rozan, Rypin, Sieradz, Sierpc, Skierniewice, Slupce, Sosnowiec, Stanislawowo, Staszow, Suwalki, Tomaszow Mazowiecki (1925), Wloclawek, and many other towns, as well as six churches in Warsaw including the St.
Fine structured channel arrays and bridging elements for LTCC-technology applications, in Abstracts Proceedings of the XXXII International Conference of IMAPS Poland Chapter, 21-24 September 2008, Pultusk, Poland (CD).
His regiment (Petrograd) missed the main battles of the 1806-07 war at Pultusk in December 1806 and at Preussisch-Eylau in February 1807.
Local governments which issued bonds to the total value of 663.71 million PLN in the 1st quarter of 2011 include the communes of: Brzesko, Chmielnik, Chojna, Duszniki-Zdroj, Garwolin, Jedlina-Zdroj, Laszczow, Mielno, Msciwojow, Nowa Wies Leborska, Pultusk, Sieciechow, Sierakowice, Swarzedz, Trawniki, Ustronie Morskie, Warszawa, Zator, Zielonka, as well as the Wielkopolskie region (12).
"The strongest mechanism blocking exposure is the wish to settle things discreetly so images don't suffer," Bartos, who now teaches at Pultusk Academy of Humanities, said in a 2010 interview.
The former rebel commander, who fought Russia in two Chechen wars, was arrested on Friday a day after arriving in Warsaw, Poland's capital, where he was planning to attend a two-day congress of exiles from the North Caucasus region in Pultusk.
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En lo que se refiere a la primera disciplina, el homenajeado ha investigado la historia de las instituciones canonicas, especialmente la de los cabildos de la catedral de Plock y de la colegiata en Pultusk. Otros numerosos estudios se dedican a la legislacion de los sinodos diocesanos en Polonia, empezando por los que siguieron al Concilio de Trento hasta los actuales.