Pump Unit

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Pump Unit


a set of devices, usually consisting of a pump, a motor, and a transmission. Pump units may be stationary (mounted on foundations or in wells or other locations) or movable (mounted on a trailer or chassis). In terms of the type of motor, pump units may be of the electric, turbine, diesel, or motor (internal-combustion) types.

The first pump units, described in 1613 by G. Zeising, were driven by a water wheel. Later, T. Savery (1698) and T. Newcomen (1712) proposed pump units based on a new principle that used steam and air pressure. Since the early 20th century, electrically driven pumps have been the most common. Low-power pump units are usually of unitized construction, with some subassemblies common to the pump and the motor (for example, the direct-acting, two-cylinder piston-type steam pump patented by the American engineer Henry R. Worthington in 1849). In nonunitized pump units the pump and motor are connected by a semirigid friction coupling or by a transmission in which the ratio of the speeds of rotation of the shafts is fixed or variable. Belt drives with plain or stepped pulleys, as well as induction (electromagnetic) sliding couplings, are used. Pump units are usually component parts of pumping plants and pumping stations.


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Those tenders bids, funded by UNICEF and implemented by the Public Corporation for Water and Sanitation included tenders for Supply and installation of an integrated solar pump unit for the booster pump of the Neshour area, supply of two generators in Asayed Nashour area and the establishment of concrete tanks with two pumping rooms and a protective wall for the solar system in area of Asayed CiCiNashour.
A new pump unit #3 was commissioned at the Bishkek CHPP on January 30 at 4:40 am.
To further confirm these findings, the following data collected in Table 3 describe the mean performance parameters of the water-source heat pump units actually installed in Livorno compared to the results obtained from the air-source heat pump unit simulation.
Akkerman's 5200 Pump Unit maximizes the tunnel boring system's capabilities with enhanced functionality to offer the utmost power and precision in many geological circumstances.
beam pump unit and plunger pump system 75% other method 3% electric submersible pump system 10% progressive cavity pump system 12% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Your commander can OK using flowmeter assembly, NSN 4930-01-108-9568, with that tank and pump unit. It doesn't come with the tank and pump unit, so order it separately.
The 833 IC Liquid Handling Pump Unit is used for regeneration and rinsing.
Other features of the DFS 3 include two modes of operation; a compact, quiet pump unit that is easy to clean and transport; and an audible and visual alarm system.
Orbit Pumps is providing the pump unit at the heart of a new portable, air-powered shotcrete spraying machine manufactured by Mansfield Mining.
The unit uses the same oil volume as a single pump unit. The second pump is smaller than the main pump.