Pumping Station

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pumping station

[′pəmp·iŋ ‚stā·shən]
(civil engineering)
A building in which two or more pumps operate to supply fluid flowing at adequate pressure to a distribution system.

Pumping Station


a structure that usually consists of a building and pump units (operating and standby), pipelines, and auxiliary equipment. Pumping station buildings may be above ground (with no connection between the foundations of the walls and the equipment), semisubterranean (with a shaft to permit location of the pumps at the required level above the medium being pumped), or subterranean. There are also floating pumping stations (located on a barge or pontoon).

Modern pumping stations use manual, automatic, or remote control. Pumping stations are a part of water-supply and sewer systems and are used in petroleum pipelines, irrigation and drainage systems, and navigable canals.


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9, 2007, when the first forward flow of oil through the reconfigured Pump Station 9 was achieved.
Upon completion in the first quarter of 2012, the company's Folsom Pump Station will be able to pump more than 3m gallons of water per day, which is about 35% of the area's average daily use.
Jefferson Parish has 47 drainage pump stations with 130 pumps that have an entire capacity of more than 35,000 cubic feet per second--the equivalent of 16 million gallons of water per minute.
Future PPTO company MTOEs should be revised to provide support for pump station soldiers operating the IPDS or the Rapidly Installed Fuel Transfer System (RIFTS) currently under development.
When the crew changes take place, the arriving and departing crews confer at the airport, leaving just a skeleton crew at the pump station.
In addition to the pump station facilities, the combined initiatives have acquired and cleared more than 150 repeatedly flooded homes; enhanced detention capacity and improved release rates; upgraded 286 miles of drainage channels; and will eventually address the capacity of existing 12-in, to 60-in, storm sewer trunk and feeder lines.
Tenders are invited for Storm Drain Pump Stations Evaluation
Situated four ft away and parallel to the pump station, the wetwell is connected to the three pumps in the station by three 14-in.
To alleviate these environmental concerns, the village opted to construct a forcemain and pump station.