Punch and Judy

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Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy, famous English puppet play, very popular with children and given widely by strolling puppet players, especially during the Christmas season. It came to England in the 17th cent. by way of France from Italy and developed out of the commedia dell'arte character, Pulcinella. To this traditional figure of the Italian comedy were added aspects of the medieval English fool. Punch, a hunchback, with a hooked nose and chin and a pot belly, was the cruel and boastful husband of a nagging wife, Judy, whom he often beat and in many versions killed. The language of the play is coarse and often satirical. The text was first written down and printed by J. P. Collier in 1827.


See G. Baker's Playing With Punch (1944); P. Fraser, Punch and Judy (1970).

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At the centre of the exhibition, modern takes on the Punch and Judy world can be seen and you can have your own opinions on the slightly unsettling puppet versions of famous figures.
There are no set characters in a traditional Punch and Judy show, which often involves their baby, a hungry crocodile, a clown, a policeman and a string of sausages.
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But at a meeting of Barry Town Council this week, members were shocked to discover that a Punch and Judy show was listed in the plan of events.
A PUNCH and Judy show d has been dropped from a Barry Island summer week-kender after concerns were raised that it trivialised domestic violence.
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