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A piece removed from a sheet of metal or other material by a punch press.
A method of extrusion, cold heading, hot forging, or stamping in a machine for which mating die sections determine the shape or contour of the work.



in metalworking, the final operation in producing a through hole in a billet by forging and stamping. In order to reduce the amount of scrap, the hole is marked by piercing before being punched. The punching of the connecting strip that remains is carried out using piercing tools (in forging) or a punch and die having sharp edges (in stamping).

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All components in the Xcel tool system--guide, punch, and stripper--align with tight tolerances and remain stable under normal punching conditions.
Once the slug is separated from the punch, it is free to fall away from the punching area.
The progressive images shown here illustrate the sequence of events during the punching cycle.
A trial of Mate's Marathon tooling, which is a fully guided system with a good track record for high quality punching of difficult materials such as stainless steel, was recommended.
When constructing the punching tools, care must be taken that they match exactly to the injection mold.
Precision manufacturing processes also help ensure that the punch is centered in the die, reducing both punching and stripping forces.
The Libra introduces entirely new machine technology in the way it handles tooling, punching and material movement within its operating cycle.