Mantoux Test

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Mantoux test

[man′tü ‚test]
An intradermal test for tuberculin sensitivity, that is, for past or present infection with tubercle bacilli.

Mantoux Test


tuberculin test: an allergic diagnostic test.

The Mantoux test, which is more sensitive than Pirquet’s reaction, was developed by the French scientist C. Mantoux in 1908. It is performed intracutaneously on the shoulder or forearm. A positive reaction indicates an allergic state as a result of contact with the causative agent of tuberculosis.

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Samples of whole blood are incubated for 16-24 hours with purified protein derivative from M.
The tuberculin skin test with purified protein derivative is the recommended method for diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
TSTs were performed by the standard Mantoux technique, that is, intradermal injection of purified protein derivative (5 tuberculin units/0.
Matteson, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn Although the patient's history included a positive purified protein derivative (PPD) test, he had reported no history of TB.
TESTING: Order serology for purified protein derivative to look for mycobacterial infection.
In general, purified protein derivative (PPD) testing is not routine in the United Kingdom, where most of the population has had BCG vaccination or exposure to infection.
Centocor, which markets infliximab as Remicade, has proposed a black box warning that would include the recommendation that patients have a purified protein derivative (PPD) test for TB before starting therapy.
The test measures interferon-y released from lymphocytes that have been incubated with purified protein derivative from M.
hospitals reported purified protein derivative (PPD) conversion rates in health-care workers; of 3% to 5% (3).
That possibility makes it advisable to order serology testing for purified protein derivative to look for mycobacterial infection.
HSCT units should also consider administering a tuberculin skin test (TST) by the Mantoux method with 5 tuberculin units of purified protein derivative (PPD) [CIII]; however, the TST may not be reliable in immunocompromised patients.

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