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(building construction)
A horizontal roof beam, perpendicular to the trusses or rafters; supports the roofing material or the common rafters.
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a horizontal structural member in a roof. A purlin is supported on the principals (girders or trusses), and it supports panels or planking. Purlins are made of metal (solid or latticed), reinforced concrete, or wood (solid or with a closed or open cross section).

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purlin, purline

A piece of timber laid horizontally on the principal rafters of a roof to support the common rafters on which the roof covering is laid. Compare with subpurlin; also See common purlin, principal purlin, ridge purlin, and through purlin.
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For example, there can be detrimental consequences if an engineer bases their design on a purlin manufactured from 450N/mm2 yield strength but the purlin supplied is manufactured from 350N/mm2.
In the earlier publication (Choudhary and Kasprzak 2010) we had considered the purlin single-layer FG insulation assemblies.
Bedroom three includes a door with an original stained glass panel, exposed wooden floor, purlin to ceiling and generous wardrobes.
here n--the number of purlins per beam from one side; L--the length of a beam; F--the force of purlin to a beam.
Moment resistance and flexural rigidity of lapped connections in multi-span cold-formed Z purlin systems, Thin-walled Structures 46(5): 551-560.
[5] Connect the remaining pieces of 3/4-inch conduit with a 1-inch-diameter sleeve to make a 16-foot-long rod (the center purlin).
The main product lines Dana Steel offers include various types of insulated composite profiled panels, profiled cladding sheets, wall cladding sheets, roof cladding sheets, curved cladding sheets, flashing sheets, sandwich panels, flat panels, cold store panels and secondary structural steel members such as Z & C purlins and ancillary accessories.
The third bedroom has a high pitched ceiling with exposed purlin, and beautiful country views.
He advised the owner to fit temporary brackets to hold the ends of the purlins into place, together with props to support the purlins mid span.
Primary product lines include prepainted single bill packages, PVC spiral prepainted product ready for manufacturing, purlin stock, liner panel stock, bare Galvalume & galvanized and toll processing of customer-owned material.
Moving up to the first floor, the landing is quite interesting, divided by two archways and featuring an exposed purlin to its full length.
The key to this roof is to make sure truss positions are marked on the top plates, purlin positions on the rafters, and rafter positions on the purlins.