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(building construction)
A horizontal roof beam, perpendicular to the trusses or rafters; supports the roofing material or the common rafters.
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a horizontal structural member in a roof. A purlin is supported on the principals (girders or trusses), and it supports panels or planking. Purlins are made of metal (solid or latticed), reinforced concrete, or wood (solid or with a closed or open cross section).

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purlin, purline

A piece of timber laid horizontally on the principal rafters of a roof to support the common rafters on which the roof covering is laid. Compare with subpurlin; also See common purlin, principal purlin, ridge purlin, and through purlin.
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Rune screwed treated 2x4 purlins to spacer blocks to support the panels and provide the necessary slope (Figure A).
Therefore, and at the request of ASHRAE's 90.1 Envelope Subcommittee, an approach was developed to calculate the U-factor from an overall or system thermal resistance parameter, [R.sub.[insul-sys]], that combined thermal resistance of the insulation drapes between the purlins with the thermal resistance of the insulation above the purlin.
In 1981 Metsec's management bought the purlins, beams and custom roll forming divisions, with 167 employees - plus one ghost - from TI, floating on the London Stock Exchange four years later when Britain was booming.
Then I shimmed, trimmed, or inset purlins as needed to bring the peak of each truss out to where the string intersected it.
One common insulation system is a layer of fiberglass insulation laminated to a water vapor retarder that is pulled across the top of the purlins (or outside of the girts)--conventionally referred to as "over-the-purlin" or "over-the-girt" (OP or OG) systems (also, "single layer" systems) within Standard 90.1-2007 (ASHRAE 2007).
ITEM & USE 6 4x4 x 10 (treated) for posts 1 2x4 x 10 (treated) for bottom rail (end walls) 1 2x4 x 12 (treated) for bottom rail (front wall) 2 2x4 x 10 for end wall framing 3 2x4 x 12 for front wall and window framing 5 2x8 x 12 for beams 6 2x4 x 10 for rafters 1 2x6 x 16 for ridge beam 6 2x4 x 16 for purlins 10 1x12 x 10 (cedar) for end wall siding 8 1x6 x 10 (cedar) for end wall siding 8 1x12 x 8 (cedar) for front wall siding 10 1x6 x 8 (cedar) for front wall siding 2 1x6 x 8 (cedar) for window jambs (all trim for two windows) 2 1x6 x 6 (cedar) for window jambs 4 1x4 x 8 (cedar) for window trim 8 60-lb.
Metsec Building Products employs 300 people across three businesses that produce light gauge galvanised steel zed purlins and side rails, long span lightweight lattice joists and light gauge galvanised steel framing systems.
15 UNROLL the canvas over the top of the purlins. Wrap the straps over the partially driven nail and fasten it back on itself with the Velcro.
Horizontal tubular-steel purlins running over the arches in turn support vertically aligned tapered arms ending in stainless-steel fixings.
A door from the main bedroom leads to more stairs to a box room between the purlins, around 13ft by 7 ft.
Roof purlins were placed on these members, so avoiding straight lines.