Pursel, Jach

Pursel, Jach

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Jach Pursel was a Florida-based regional insurance supervisor. In October, 1974, he unexpectedly started channeling the entity known as Lazaris. This entity said it had never been in human form, but is a “group form” living in another dimension, where time and space as we know it do not exist.

Pursel originally had no great interest in metaphysical matters, though his wife Peny, had some knowledge. When Pursel constantly came home from work exhausted after long hours, Peny introduced him to meditation, assuring him that it would help him relax and feel better. One day he did his meditation, and as far as he knew, fell asleep during it. Pursel says that when he woke up he found his wife looking at him in astonishment. Apparently a strange voice had started speaking through Pursel. The voice was completely different from his own—a distinctive voice that was heavily accented. The voice also had different speech patterns from Pursel’s. Peny had the presence of mind to write down what was said. When the couple found that the same thing happened every time Pursel meditated, Peny started running a tape recorder to capture the information. Pursel himself could not believe what he heard.

The session was the first of what developed into several thousands of hours of teachings by Lazaris. They followed similar lines to those given by Jane Roberts’s Seth and others: that the universe is essentially spiritual; that souls are immortal; and that everyone has the power to create his or her own reality. In Lazaris’s words, “The only way to get to God/Goddess/All-That-Is, is over the bridge of belief.”

To make contact with Lazaris, Pursel simply relaxes, closes his eyes, and takes a few deep breaths. He almost immediately goes into a trance and his body is taken over by the spirit/entity. He has no memory of anything that happens until he opens his eyes again, much later, and wakes up. But as Lazaris himself describes it (he always speaks and refers to himself in the plural), there is more going on than appears to be. “We create thoughts as a mumbo jumbo and we then project those thoughts through the planes of reality. We project the conglomeration of all the thoughts and all the bleeps and blips we want to work with, and we project them down into a denser level and a denser level, and these enter in through the star system Sirius, to be quite specific with you, into the physical world.” On The Merv Griffin Show, televised in July, 1986, Lazaris said, “We refer to ourselves in the plural, most definitely—not out of any imperialness, that’s for sure, but rather we are aware of the multiplicity of ourselves.”

Foreman said in Mysteries of the Unknown: Spirit Summonings (1989), “On their way to the physical world, Lazaris’ thoughts reportedly pass through the so-called Mental Plane, Causal Plane, and Astral Plane—three of the levels of reality that supposedly separate the earthly plane from All That Is. Ultimately, the Lazaris thoughts reach the channel, or ‘antenna,’ in the form of signals that can then be decoded and articulated as words.”

According to Jon Klimo, Pursel spends as much as forty hours per week in the unconscious state in order to channel Lazaris for public talks, lectures, private readings, and weekend workshops. All this is organized through a very successful corporation called Concept: Synergy.


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