Purtseladze, Anton

Purtseladze, Anton Nikolaevich


Born Nov. 1 (13), 1839, in the village of Mereti, now in Gori Raion; died Nov. 4 (17), 1913, in the village of Arbo, now in Gori Raion. Georgian writer and literary critic.

Purtseladze began publishing in 1858. His short stories and the novella An Adventure of Three (1863, published 1889) harshly condemn social injustice. The novel Matsi Khvitiia (1870) depicts the strife among feudal lords that led Georgia to economic decline. Purtseladze also wrote the tragedy The Great Mouravi, or Georgii Saakadze (1869) and the historical sketch Georgii Saakadze and His Times. In 1873, Purtseladze joined the revolutionary Narodniki (Populists). His critical articles advocate realistic art.


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