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(po͞oro͞oz`), river, c.2,100 mi (3,380 km) long, rising in the Andes Mts., E Peru. It flows generally northeast in a meandering course, across Acre and Amazonas states, NW Brazil, to the Amazon River. Mostly navigable, it traverses a rubber-producing region and receives the Acre River at Bôca do Acre.



a river in South America, mainly in Brazil, a right tributary of the Amazon. It is 3,200 km long and drains an area of 365,000 sq km. Originating in Peru, near the eastern foothills of the Andes, it meanders through the Amazon Basin within clayey and lightly eroded banks in humid equatorial forests. The mean annual flow rate is 12,600 cu m per sec. High water is in March and April. The Purús is navigable for almost its entire length.

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Por otro lado, dos provincias disminuyen su poblacion urbana y aumenta la poblacion rural, Padre Abad de 55,7% a 61,6% (1993 y 2005) y Purus de 72% a 73,6% (1993 y 2005).
The total population of the Purus Province is approximately 2,829 people, which doesn't include the Mashco-Piro--an Indian community that has chosen to avoid all contact with the outside world.
Puritas (sermo purus, Latinitas) es la correccion idiomatica del habla (recte loqui) en verba singula y verba coniuncta.
In the Lowlands to the east of the Andes, the mythologies of the Moseten, Chimane and Yuracare are the nearest to the Central Andean ones; the Oriente Ecuatoriano, Ucayali Pano and Tacana stand more apart from the Andes; the Arawaks of Montana and the Pano of Purus headwaters are futher shifted towards the Eastern South America (fig.
The spirits portfolio includes Blue Nectar Tequila, Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, The Lost Distillery Scottish Whisky Company, Purus Organic Wheat Italian Vodka and Virginia Distillery Company Highland Malt Whisky.
A bacia do rio Purus esta entre as mais atingidas pela ocorrencia de fenomenos extremos hidroclimaticos (CEPED/UFSC, 2012).
Among the cataloged species, 1,008 (94%) originated from the Madeira River basin in the Brazilian territory, the others originated from the rivers Purus, Tapajos and Paranapanema.
acreana) in Acre state, include 14 counties (municipalities), covering all regions of the state: upper and lower Acre state, Jurua, Purus and Tarauaca Envira (figure 1).
O Acre e banhado pelos rios Acre, Acuria, Amonea, Aparicao, Breu, Caete, Caipora, Chandless, Envira, Embira, Gregorio, Grajau, Humaita, Iaco, Jurupari, Jurua, Jurua-Mirim, Ouro Preto, das Minas, Moa, Muru, Natal, Parana dos Mouras, Paratari, Purus, Sao Luiz, Sao Joao, Tarauaca, Tejo, Valparaiso e Xapuri.