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, group of seminomadic peoples consisting of more than 60 tribes, numbering more than 26 million in Pakistan and more than 11 million in Afghanistan, where they form the dominate ethnic group (historically known as Afghans and now typically as Pashtuns).
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This clear and present danger for Pakistan, which has existed in various manifestations such as the Pushtunistan bogey and Baloch insurgencies since independence, requires Pakistan to ensure leverage in Afghanistan.
Pakistan has a history of troubled relations with the Pushtun nationalists because of their support for Pushtunistan as well as with northern alliance because of their anti-Taliban stance which highlights how the statecraft or the government in place affects the relations.
Secondly, the Afghan government argues that the inhabitants of Pushtunistan are one nation and that the Durand Line arbitrarily splits the nation into two.
It continued to harbor Pushtun dissidents and support Pushtunistan claims.
Pakistani establishment is also worried that all Taliban being Pushtuns and their coming together on both sides of the Durand Line may revive the demand of Pushtuns for the creation of Pushtunistan.
Keywords: Pushtun, Pushtunistan, Durand Line, Pak-Afghan relations
In addition, to support legitimacy to his program, he highlighted issue of Pushtunistan for achieving emotional attachment with East Pushtuns whose intention was to sabotage Durand Line, divided the Pushtuns by the British government.
Indeed, this has been the Indo-Afghan geo-political objective since the independence of Pakistan when immediately thereafter Afghanistan was the only country that objected to Pakistan's UN membership and started the Pushtunistan bogey in a vain effort to undermine Pakistan's territorial integrity.
Pushtuns in the NWFP, led by the pro-Congress and pro-India Frontier Gandhi Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, had been struggling for an independent Pushtunistan.
In the meanwhile, the Indian government attempted to sabotage the Durand Line status as international boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan by promoting Pushtunistan Issue.
Disturbed by partition, Afghanistan began to toe the so-called Pushtunistan stunt to claim over the territory of Pakistan by also violating the Durand Line which was drawn in 1893 as an international border between Afghanistan and British India.
Krushchev, the president of Soviet Union on his visit to Kabul in 1955, sympathised with Afghanistan policy on Pushtunistan.