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river, Brazil: see PutumayoPutumayo
or Içá
, river, c.1,000 mi (1,600 km) long, rising in the Andes, S Colombia, and flowing SE to the Amazon in NW Brazil. Mostly navigable, it marks part of Colombia's boundary with Ecuador and most of Colombia's frontier with Peru.
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(ē`kä), city (1993 pop. 108,724), capital of Ica region, SW Peru, on the Pan-American HighwayPan-American Highway,
system of roads, c.16,000 mi (25,750 km) long, linking the nations of the Western Hemisphere. It was suggested at the Fifth International Conference of American States (1923) and supported and financed by the United States during the 1940s and 1950s.
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. It is a commercial center for the cotton, wool, and wine produced in the region. There are several summer resorts nearby. Ica is also the archaeological name of the Chincha empire of ancient Peru, which had one of its major centers in the adjacent valley. The empire fell to the Inca in the 15th cent. The Spanish settled the city in 1563. In Ica is the shrine of Our Lord of Luren, the site of colorful pilgrimages. The city has been devastated by earthquakes several times, most recently in 2007. It has a museum and a university.



a city in Peru on the Pan-American Highway, the administrative center of lea Department. Population, 61,400 (1966). Ica is linked by railroad with the port of Pisco. The city is the trade center of an agricultural region (cotton and grapes). Textile and food industries are there, as is a university. The city of Ica was founded in 1563.


(Independent Computing Architecture) An input/output presentation protocol from Citrix that governs the keyboard, mouse and screen formatting between clients and servers in Citrix's products. Originally "Intelligent Console Architecture."

The First Windows Thin Client Computing
Using Citrix's WinFrame on Windows NT in the mid-1990s, ICA was the first protocol to provide thin client computing for Windows. Soon after, Microsoft came out with its Terminal Services, based largely on Citrix software, but using the RDP protocol. ICA supports numerous client platforms, including Windows, DOS, Mac, Unix, Linux and Java. See thin client, WinFrame, Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop.

ICA in Practice
ICA is used in Citrix products such as XenApp, while Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used in Microsoft's built-in thin client software.
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In this work, 96 DNA samples from skin of specimens of this genus were collected in the Orinoquian basin, the Putumayo River (in 400 km); and the Mamore, Tijamuchi and Ipurupuru rivers in the Bolivian Amazon and including five samples of the Brazilian amazon.
Only the long green teeth of the Amazon jungle gnawing on the muddy brown paws of the Putumayo River.
The Agrias lives in the Upper Putumayo River region of Colombia, precisely where the US intends to apply its heaviest doses of the coca-killing fungus.
But for now, the navy is focusing on Putumayo, operating out of the province's principal naval base in the town of Puerto Leguizamo along the Peruvian border; there, it is tasked with controlling the Putumayo River and its tributaries, 1,500 miles of water that the rebels use to mobilize their troops and the traffickers use to export their product.
To date, the binational border projects have included: physical planning and management of the San Miguel and Putumayo River Basins between Colombia and Ecuador (1986); the model plan for the integrated development of the border communities along the Tabatinga-Apaporis axis between Colombia and Brazil (1987); the plan for the integrated development of the Putumayo River Basin between Colombia and Peru (1988); the integrated development plans for the Peruvian-Brazilian border communities (1988), and the Brazilian-Bolivian border communities (1991).