Pygmy Sperm Whale

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Pygmy Sperm Whale


(Kogia breviceps), an aquatic mammal of the suborder Odontoceti (toothed whales). It measures up to 4 m long and weighs up to 500 kg. The head is rounded; over the upper section there is a tall forehead projection (a fatty cushion). The mouth is located on the lower side of the head. There are one or two pairs of teeth in the upper jaw (they fall out as the animal approaches old age) and eight to 15 pairs in the lower jaw. The back and sides are dark in color, and the underparts are light. The pectoral fins are short, broad, and pointed; the dorsal fin is shaped like a sickle.

The pygmy sperm whale lives in the tropical and subtropical belts of the oceans. In the USSR it is found only near the southern islands of the Kuril Ridge. The animal feeds on cephalopods, deep-sea fish, crabs, and shrimp. The young are born in the spring and measure 1 to 1.2 m long and weigh 16 kg. The pygmy sperm whale is very rare and has not been adequately studied.


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Sadly, a few days later there was a story of a pygmy sperm whale stranding and dying farther down the Keys, and I'd guess it was the same animal; once whatever mechanism it is that tells them to crawl out on land is triggered, they rarely survive, my biologist friends tell me.
Bycatch, where cetaceans are killed after accidentally becoming entangled in fishing nets, is also a big problem in UK waters, however, the pygmy sperm whale did not show signs of this type of trauma.
A young pygmy sperm whale, pictured during its rescue last week on Anglesey, has been found dead on a beach at Dinas Dinlle | PIC: AMY DANIEL
Previous abundance estimates for the western North Atlantic stocks of short-finned pilot whales and of dwarf and pygmy sperm whales, 749 (0.64) and 420 (0.60), respectively, were based on a winter 1992 ship survey in U.S.
Enolva said the pygmy sperm whale, the third stranded in Del Gallego and the nearby town Ragay since 2013, did not swallow any plastic but died due to poor nutrition.
Dr Evans said: "Pygmy sperm whales are more common in the warmer waters off west Africa.
With squid, fish and crabs as their main diet, Blatchley said it did not take much to kill a pygmy sperm whale, considered rare due to the limited information available about the species.
D'Bone Museum curator Darrell Blatchleymade this disclosure as he noted the latest fatality in a 10-foot pygmy sperm whale which was discovered last April 26.
About a half kilogram of garbage, mostly discarded food packs, foil wrappers and hard plastic pieces from a furniture, was found 'blocking' the stomach of a pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) that died 10 hours after it washed ashore in Calaca town in Batangas province.
Larger Risso's dolphins like to float upside down, tails sticking out of the water--but the rarest creature of all is the pygmy sperm whale. It is very shy and only passes through Philippine waters.
A female pygmy sperm whale stranded on the beach of Calaca town in Batangas province died Thursday morning.
On March 16, a male pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps) was found dead at Barangay Maribulan in Alabel town.