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Pyro 2000 is set for a busy few weeks in the UK as Bonfire Night approaches - firing displays as far afield as Cockermouth in Cumbria, Great Yarmouth, London and Pontypool in Wales.
He said: "Dad used to tell me stories about Pyro, how they went flying together and how he warmed his frost-bitten hands on the kitten.
Meantime Pyro writes a daily card to his mum requesting that his dad come and fetch him and he hopes he'll see Min and Becks the next day.
Jockey John Velazquez said: "I was just biding my time with Pyro, waiting for a seam to open.
Three races, won by a combined margin of 29 lengths, is enough for some people to make the son of Boundary the 3-1 favorite in the third pool of the Kentucky Derby Future Wager, but it says here Pyro still is the horse to beat May 3.
Pyro provides a high-level interface to robots, relieving the user from low-level, robot-specific details.
Back in November the CPSC hit Firefox, an Idaho-based pyro supply company, with a civil complaint.
The band - consisting of Michael Pyro, Brez, Benjamin Loose, Dave Pyro and Coz Noleon - treated invited guests to a barbecue of epic proportions.
The RES-150, starting at $5,499, is powered by an Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, 1GB of DDR memory, a 40GB system drive and a 160GB disk array (for more than 10 hours of storage), an NVIDIA GeForce4 dual-monitor capable video card, a Pioneer DVD-R/RW drive and an ADS Tech PYRO three-port FireWire card to allow capture from three cameras simultaneously.
The Pyro Model SDT 141S portable digital thermometer from Pyrometer Instrument Co.
The Pyro Model SDT 141S temperature accuracy is [ + or - ] 0.