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At this point Socrates lets the slave go; the philosopher has made his point that the idea of the Pythagorean Theorem had been present in slave's mind and that Socrates's questions only helped to formulate it.
There is another way to calculate three-point bridle lengths--one that uses the Pythagorean theorem, the same formula used to calculate the lengths of two-point bridles.
She overcomes her anxiety by re-learning the Pythagorean theorem.
Elementary and secondary students are at least expected to complete similar courses, to learn the same rules of punctuation and applications of the Pythagorean theorem.
Solving this geometry problem requires to know the Pythagorean Theorem and how to apply it.
notices the problem requires regrouping or describes a scenario associated with Pythagorean Theorem, Newton's Law, etc.
Then one day while presenting a lesson about the Pythagorean theorem, I remembered a little tune I had learned about it when I was in the sixth grade that goes:
Some students indicated that to find the length of the cable they could apply the Pythagorean theorem.
And with all due respect to my high school geometry teacher, I know I was able to master the Pythagorean theorem not because I was the only student following her instructions in class, but rather because I was the only one who could recall Danny Kaye singing a funny song about it in an old movie called "Merry Andrew.
PYTH is free software that is based on the Pythagorean theorem, which enables packaging engineers, plant managers, material handling engineers, machinery and film distributors and other professionals to quickly determine the ideal size of orbital wrapping machine needed to accommodate their extrusions, cartons, palletized loads, loose and bulky items and other products.
I gained more from math than just the Pythagorean theorem.
The first of these consciously-created communities was probably Homakoeion, a commune established in about 525 BC by Pythagorus--of Pythagorean Theorem fame.