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see Pythian gamesPythian games
, in ancient Greece, games held at Delphi every four years (the third of each Olympiad). They included musical, literary, and athletic contests. The games honored Apollo and took their name from Pythia, the priestess of the oracle at Delphi.
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in ancient Greece, the priestess of the Delphic oracle at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

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Now, the high priest wants to groom a girl with such psychic talents as trainee Pythia.
Richard Edwards's Palamon and Arcite and Damon and Pythias introduced the genre of historically ironic tragical comedy to the royal audience.
Vasilia Koulolias, the chief executive officer of the Indianapolis-based Pythia Corporation and developer of the wireless legislative automation system, believes the future for computer users in the state legislatures is almost entirely tied to one word: convenience.
Music--Sophia can't tell what she's listening to, wonders if Pythia have a special mix--blasts into Davis's ears.
1) He makes his first victorious appearance in the single-horse event, the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], of six laps (just over 1 km) in the hippodrome at the Pythia in 478, to which Pindar refers in P.
The longing for the mother--real, symbolic, archetypal, chthonic--is the central thread in the poem, in which seven sections are titled according to rites or prayers that allude to specific moods: Shaharit (morning prayer), Yizkor (memorial prayer), Lethe, Pythia, Equinox, Threnody (song of lamentation), and September.
Tradition has it that the Pythia, a woman who would act as Apollo's mouthpiece (Parke 1956: 33-40; Graindor 1930: 7), sat above a chasm in the rear of the temple.
Thus the key moment in The Sibyl occurs when Ahasuerus, when talking with the pythia, looks at:
Like Pythia, the Delphic oracle who revealed Apollo's will, judges at times act as if they have some unique ability to ascertain the Constitution's true meaning.
If the gentleman was the Pythia in the temple, ought he not to explain the ambiguous language of the oracle?
Solectek, in conjunction with Pythia Corporation, has developed a system which Lill enable mobile users roaming the show floor to survey attendees for pertinent information.