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see Pythian gamesPythian games
, in ancient Greece, games held at Delphi every four years (the third of each Olympiad). They included musical, literary, and athletic contests. The games honored Apollo and took their name from Pythia, the priestess of the oracle at Delphi.
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in ancient Greece, the priestess of the Delphic oracle at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

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The first diviner to occupy the Delphic Oracle was the mother of the gods, Gaia, who was guarded by the legendary Pythia.
The Pythias, the priestesses who maintained the Oracle and delivered forecasts to its visitors, were much more sophisticated than most of us today realize.
Not, however, that of Pythia, who after yet another joint summoned me back up for more.
They cover aspects of the iconography of the warrior goddess Istar and ancient Near Eastern prophecies, the meaning of offering a throat in Egypt and in Israel, leonine Yahweh in the iconography and history of Israelite religion, the role of the queen in Minoan prophecy rituals, Deborah and the Delphic Pythia, iconography and the interpretation of Isaiah 28:1-6, daughter Zion as queen and the iconography of the female city, Achaemenid kingship in Chronicles, and the iconography of Ezekiel 8:7-13 in light of Syro-Palestinian seals and The Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice.
According to the ancient Greeks, Pythia sat on a tripod above a chasm in the earth from which intoxicating vapors issued forth, sending her into ecstasy and allowing her to predict the future.
The predictions were made by a woman, known as the Pythia, who was chosen from the local population as a channel for the god Apollo.
Chaerephon is a long time friend of Socrates, steadfast companion in adversity, loyal, impulsive in almost any course of action: he was the one responsible for asking the Pythia at Delphi "if any man was wiser than Socrates"; the Pythia replied that no, no one is wiser (Apology 21a).
38) Both Landon's and Barrett's poetic strategies are "controlled by male authority," as the image of Pythia suggests, but where Landon's strategy manipulates control over her work-her poems like the body of Pythia channel emotion as truth for her audience--Barrett's mimicks the authority that controls her.
Next, Freeth and his colleagues deciphered Isthmia and Pythia, for the games at Corinth and Delphi, and Olympia, for the Olympics.
Tiresias has been a priest to the Pythia at the Delphic Oracle.
she would sit immovable on the three-legged kitchen chair, her strong hands in her lap and her dark eyes wide open, as enigmatical and fatal as a Pythia upon her tripod.