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, two youths whose loyalty to each other symbolizes true friendship. Pythias, a Pythagorean, condemned to death for plotting against Dionysius I of Syracuse, was given leave to arrange his affairs after Damon pledged to give his own life if his friend did not
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Music--Sophia can't tell what she's listening to, wonders if Pythia have a special mix--blasts into Davis's ears.
The Sweet Girl closes with a scene of intimacy between Pythias and Tycho, her former slave: "I put my head on his shoulder, and after a while, he puts his arm around me" (236).
in themselves well known, to support his theory that Lucius acts as the mimus secundarum throughout books 1 to 3, with some of Lucius' adventures not exactly mirroring but contradicting the paradigms set up by the inset tales (for example, Pythias is introduced to mirror Socrates, but then acts differently, causing the story to move from parallelism to contrast).
As Aristotle watches Pythias dying, for example, he cannot cease from the life of the mind, and her laboured breathing becomes material for a little book on respiration he is working on.
Barr [Fugate], "In Defense of Swish;" Damon Pythias [Jim Kepner], ONE, 2 (March 1954), 7-11, italics added.
27, that appears in Richard Edwards's Damon and Pythias (1564-65), 10.
7) Another was ridicule; Aristotle's biological treatises abound in risible curiosa, which suggest that they are not to be taken quite seriously; for example, men have more teeth than women (8) (perhaps neither of his wives, Pythias or Herpyllis, acquired their wisdom teeth, since he himself states that women sometimes acquire them into their eighties
Richard Edwards's Palamon and Arcite and Damon and Pythias introduced the genre of historically ironic tragical comedy to the royal audience.
It turns out all those silly-sounding civic associations--ranging from the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and the Eastern Star to the Knights of Pythias and the Loyal Order of Moose--were critical.
The Oregon Federation of Patriotic Societies, comprised of delegates from various fraternal organizations, including the Orange Lodges, Knights of Pythias, and Odd Fellows, well-connected, and active in public service, particularly public school issues, became increasingly identified with the Klan and nativism.
With paid-up dues and a one-time admission fee of $3, members of the Knights of Pythias could join the "Endowment Rank" and receive life protection of up to $1,000, a sizable sum in those days.
1997), which used moral tales, such as the one about Damon and Pythias, that would be unfamiliar to children.