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At OFC 2018, Keysight will demonstrate test solutions for 100G, 400G, 600G, and 1-Tb/s transmission--that includes both coherent signal forms such as QAM64 and noncoherent signal forms such as PAM4.
The outstanding RF performance of SiGe technology such as deliverable output power of up to 18 dBm of PA, extreme low noise figure of 6 dB of LNA and excellent VCO phase noise better than -85dBc/Hz at 100kHz offset allows a system designer to implement high modulation schemes up to QAM64 with a sample rate of 500 Msamples/sec and QAM32 with 1Gsamples/sec at a 10 -6 BER (Bit Error Rate).
We congratulate ZTE on the system's outstanding performance in QAM64 testing and we believe our work with them will help CSLNWM to stay way ahead of the competition and deliver its 2.
In this paper we have considered the following digital signals: ASK2, ASK4, ASK8, PSK2, PSK4, PSK8, QAM16, QAM32, QAM64, Star-QAM8, and V32.
With its on-board DSP controller, the tuner supports worldwide television standards including PAL, NTSC, DVBT, ATSC, and QAM64 catering to the needs of the global TV and PC-TV market.