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kasr, qasr

An Arabic palace, castle, or mansion.
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Qasr El-Aini Hospital has no visiting hours, and many people who get in end up camping inside the hospital to be with their sick relatives or friends.
The Qasr Al Hosn Exhibition: A portal to explore the development of Abu Dhabi as a city, as well as the lives of people in Abu Dhabi over time, and recent efforts to conserve the building.
According to the ministry, the demonstrators blocked Qasr Al-Eini street, and denied entrance to or departure from the ministry's headquarters, prompting security forces to intervene and reopen the road, arresting 14 of the demonstrators.
I'm thankful to Qasr Al Sarab for their support, which reflects the management's care and interest in encouraging national cadres," he added.
In late October, a second shipment of 166 containers was discharged in Umm Qasr again from the Sima Tara.
While some sort of normality returned to Umm Qasr, clear evidence was discovered of Iraqi deception tactics in a possible guerrilla campaign against Allies.
Iraqis run behind a British army truck as water is handed out in the southern Iraq town of Umm Qasr
In just one year we have been able to double our occupancy rates and client base because the team is committed to offer the best hospitality experience that helps Bab Al Qasr Hotel achieve positive results.
Opened last year as part of a $150 million investment programme in Iraq by Gulftainer, the logistics centre is connected to Umm Qasr Port by a bonded access road, allowing movement from Gulftainer's Iraq Container Terminal (ICT) and the North Port, directly to the UQLC.
It is an annual event that celebrates the history of the Qasr Al Hosn fort and centuries of Emirati culture and tradition.
Real estate and property developer RSG International is set to commence work on its Qasr Sabah residential development, according to a statement from the company.