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(1) (Minolta-QMS, Inc., Mobile, AL) A manufacturer of laser printers founded in 1977 by Jim Busby. Initially involved with controllers for printing barcodes and labels, it entered the laser printer business in the mid-1980s and set numerous records. QMS pioneered PostScript along with Apple and introduced the first auto switching printer and the first Kanji color laser printer. It was also the first to sell a laser printer for under $2,000 in 1985 and a color laser printer for under $1,300 in 1998.

In 1998, QMS was acquired by Minolta and changed its name to Minolta-QMS. In 2003, the Minolta Company merged with Konica Corporation, suppressing the QMS moniker in the resulting entity that became known as Konica Minolta Printing Solutions U.S.A., Inc. For more information, visit www.konicaminolta.com.

(2) (Queue Management Services) Also called "Q-server." A printing protocol from Novell that provides print services and runs as an NLM on NetWare file servers. The client part runs under Windows, OS/2 and the Mac, and it uses the NetWare bindery or NDS to find the queues. QMS code has been embedded in millions of print servers in order to provide printer connectivity to NetWare file servers. QMS has been superseded by NDPS. See NDPS.

( 3) (Quality Management System) A system that ensures that a manufacturing process or service is performed at a quality level. See TQM and ISO 9000.
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'Our quest for ISO certification is part of our big dream to become a premier Philippine university by 2028,' Agrupis added, emphasizing that MMSU is one of the only two state universities in the Philippines that received a grant for QMS by the DAP.
A robust QMS allows a seamless way to meet your timeline without rebuilding the entire app, allowing you to build in requirements ahead of product launch; protect data integrity of records to establish data assurance; ensure compliance with U.S.
The core feature of QMS is the calculation of a competitive rate that is unique to the shopper based on the features of the shopper's transaction that affect the rate.
He said that number of patients in Ramzan has been reduced, however, the work on installation of the QMS will be started after the holy month.
A QMS Risk Assessment module analyzes risk to gauge the change's effectiveness before moving forward in the process.
The QMS CPD strategy has two important parts that directly complement the Army's Civilian Workforce Transformation program: the QMS CPD Handbook and the QMS Civilian Employee Wellness Program.
We will also employ over 1 lakh people in the coming month to handle our FMCG and retail arm." Roy flagged off 181 QMS for five states.
For QMs that are not higher-priced (typically those with a lower interest rate), the bank is deemed to have complied with ATR.
In a May 3 letter to House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) and Ranking Member Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), incoming NAFCU President/CEO Dan Berger said without the changes outlined in the bill, many loans made to low- and moderate-income borrowers would not qualify as QMs and would either only be available at higher rates due to liability risks or not be offered at all.
It isn't easy to sort out the differences among the Quality Measures (QMs) described in the QM manual, the Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting (CASPER) system, Nursing Home Compare, the Five-Star nursing home rating system and the annual survey process.
Its objectives are to provide in-depth understanding of ISO-9001 QMS, perform effective internal QMS audits, make effective internal quality audit plans, schedules diagnostic analysis and reports for QMS.