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(operating system)
A realtime, network distributed, POSIX-certified, microkernel, multi-user, multitasking, ROMable, fault-tolerant, embeddable operating system that supports TCP/IP, NFS, FTP, the X Window System, Microsoft Windows as a guest process, Ethernet, Token Ring, Arcnet and Watcom ANSI C/C++. Support for Pentium, 486, 386, 286, 80x87. Developed and distributed by QNX Software Systems, Ltd.

Latest version: 6.1, as of 2001-09-02.

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A multiuser, multitasking, real-time operating system from BlackBerry. Originally developed by QNX Software Systems, Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, and sold to home entertainment company Harman International in 2004, the QNX division was acquired by BlackBerry (then Research In Motion) in 2010.

BlackBerry Tablet OS and BlackBerry 10
QNX was first used in BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. It is also the OS in the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, a complete change for BlackBerry phones. See BlackBerry 10.

For Embedded Systems
QNX runs on a variety of popular platforms in the embedded systems market, including x86, PowerPC, MIPS and ARM. During Harman's ownership of QNX, the OS was widely used in automobile entertainment and navigation control systems. Noted for its low-memory requirement and rapid response, QNX was first introduced in 1982 for the x86 market. QNX-4 became the first POSIX-compliant version. See BlackBerry, smartphone and POSIX.
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The latest version of the Cogent suite, which includes a range of software tools for QNX developers, device drivers and an API, features source code compatibility between QNX v4, QNX v6 and Linux operating systems.
New Delhi [India], Nov 8 ( ANI ): BlackBerry Limited and Tata Elxsi on Wednesday announced their strategic partnership to help companies design and develop secure, mission-critical solutions for industries such as automotive, industrial, medical and network communication using BlackBerry QNX technologies.
"Connectivity to smartphones and other mobile devices is a key strength of QNX Software Systems' platform for car infotainment systems, and many automakers and tier one automotive suppliers use our platform to implement smartphone/head-unit integration in their vehicles.
QNX - which also runs nuclear power plants, medical instrumentation and Cisco's core Internet routers - is the brains behind many of the infotainment systems shipping in new cars, and RIM plans seamless interaction between those dashboards, its PlayBook and its range of BlackBerry smartphones.
QNX claims its modular microkernels make its operating system fault tolerant by protecting the overall system from modules that have "crashed." Also, by remaining format-neutral--Poliak says QNX "is Switzerland when it comes to media formats"--it can integrate competing formats into compliant modules that can be ported to the vehicle during assembly or as an update.
* Software and Hardware Interfaces: RT-LAB provides QNX drivers for a wide range of I/O hardware, as well as a comprehensive API that allows signals in the model to be used in other on-line software for visualization and interaction.
IBM Corp and Motorola Inc, along with embedded operating systems company QNX Software Systems Inc and development systems firm Embedded Planet Inc, are collaborating on a new effort to define an in-car-computing applications framework.
Auto Business News-October 3, 2017--Yanfeng Visteon selects BlackBerry Limited's QNX Platform for Instrument Clusters 1.0 software
13 ( ANI ): BlackBerry might be sinking in its smartphone business and market shares, however, the company's QNX platform is crucial to other tech giants who intend to venture into the auto-industry.
Much of RIM's problem stemmed from the 2010 acquisition of QNX Software from Harman International (NYSE: HAR) and the Canadian company's delay in adapting its OS to the existing BlackBerry OS.
The update to the QNX platform will be called PlayBook 2.0 software, which brings such features as native address book, calendar and email functions (which previously had to be accessed via BlackBerry smartphones), as well as the Android App Player - an environment that will support Android apps.
TORONTO: Research In Motion, which makes the BlackBerry smartphone, said on Friday it will buy QNX Software Systems from Harman International for an undisclosed amount as it moves to boost integration of its devices with in-vehicle audio systems.