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1. A two-dimensional pictorial query language.

["Pictorial Information Systems", S.K. Chang et al eds, Springer 1980].

[Q-systems. A. Colmerauer, 1969].

2. A rewrite system with one-way unification, used for English-French translation. It led to Prolog.

["The Birth of Prolog" A. Colmerauer et al, SIGPLAN Notices 28(3):37-52 March 1993].
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Recently, a variety of investigations have focused on using existing microwave links which widely spread across countries for rain monitoring, validating, and optimizing the radar-based QPE, attenuation correction of radar observations, and so forth [e.g., [12, 13]].
In line with the essence of QPE (NASPE, 2009), the results of the multiple regression models indicated that all four essential teaching dimensions were significantly associated with students' cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility for different samples including the total sample, the boys and the girls, and the fourth-grade and the fifth-grade students.
Based on its high efficiency and good environmental behaviors QpE has been used widely in many countries for many years.
NNX11AL78G with the title of "Incorporating NASA Spaceborne Precipitation Research Products into National Mosaic QPE Real-time System for Improved Short-term Weather Prediction at Colorado Basin River Forecast Center" and the Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) at the University of Oklahoma.
A aplicacao dos questionarios ocorreu em duas sessoes e em contexto de turma, nos meses de maio e junho de 2010.0 QPE foi aplicado na primeira sessao e o MMPI-A na segunda sessao.
between the maximum and the minimum based on the QPE (Table 9).
Comparison of Mode I Fracture Toughness Obtained From Finite Element vs Analytical Formula (CT-Specimen) QPE type Number of L [K.sub.IC(DCT)] Mesh QPE (mm) (MPa [square around root of mm]) crack tip QPE -T10 Triangle 8 10 8.65 QPE-T2 Triangle 8 2 11.4 QPE-T5 Triangle 8 5 10.5 QPE-T12 Triangle 8 12 9.9 QPE-Sq10 Rectangular 4 10 10.85 [K.sub.IC(QPDT)] [K.sub.IC] = Mesh % diff (Mpa [square % diff [K.sub.I(eq.
The ASIC version of QPE, embodied in the QuVIS Digital Mastering Codec (QDMC(TM)), offers new capabilities for the image storage, analysis and communication industries and is available for OEM and licensing applications.
-- .52 <.001 Delin, Fox, & Nofi (1997) Thalbourne (1998) 242 .61 <.001 .51 <.001 Thalbourne, Keogh, 250 .59 <.001 .49 <.001 & Crawley (1999) n.a.: not available; ASGS: Australian Sheep-Goat Scale; subscript indicates number of items; FC = Forced Choice; VA = Visual Analogue; PBS: Paranormal Belief Scale (Tobacyk & Milford, 1983) TABLE 3 PEARSON CORRELATIONS BETWEEN DISSOCIATIVE EXPERIENCE AND VARIOUS MEASURES OF THE SHEEP-GOAT VARIABLE Dissociation Sheep-Goat Study N measure measure Richards (1991) 184 DES Richards Ross & Joshi 502 DES factor Ross & Joshi (1992) Zingrone & Alvarado 55 DES QPE (1994) Irwin (1994) 100 QED PBS Pekala et al.
sylvestris), Qpe (Quercus petraea), Bc (Betula celtiberica), Cm (Crataegus monogyna), la (Ilex aquifolium), Ca (Coryllus avellana), Pt (Populus tremula), S (Salix sp.), Ea (Erica arborea), tFs (tocon de Fagus sylvatica), tQpe (tocon de Quercus petraea) y ti (tocon indeterminado).
Domestic Production: QPE FT = QPE HIST (1 + [eta]PE) (percent change in U.K.