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QR code:

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computer coding system that uses a printed pattern of lines and bars to identify such things as products, mail and packages, and customer accounts; the term also is used for similar coding systems that do not use bar-based patterns.
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QR code

(Quick Response code) A two-dimensional barcode widely used for many purposes. When scanned with a mobile tagging app in a smartphone, the QR code can cause a Web page or app to download or even capture business card data. Codes are found in newspapers, magazines, brochures and store shelves, and billboard-size codes can be scanned at a distance, because the QR app uses the phone's camera.

4K of Alphabetic Data
The QR code can store up to 4,296 alphanumeric or 7,089 numeric characters, and if a high level of error correction is used, up to 30% of the image can be smudged and still be recognized. Created in the mid-1990s by a Toyota subsidiary to track parts on assembly lines, they are widely used in Japan. The technology became an ISO standard in 2000 and gained popularity in the U.S. within the decade.

Google Was a Big Promoter
To promote its local business service, Google sent 100,000 custom-coded QR codes to U.S. establishments in 2009, suggesting they place the code in a prominent location for "mobile tagging." See QR code stickers, barcode, Google Goggles and malicious QR code.

Roll Your Own
To create your own QR code, visit the Kaywa QR code generator at http://qrcode.kaywa.com.

QR Code for ComputerLanguage.com URL
The scanner looks for four squares (arrows) and two alignment lines (yellow) that alternate black and white.

QR Code for ComputerLanguage.com URL
The scanner looks for four squares (arrows) and two alignment lines (yellow) that alternate black and white.

Walking Down the Street
Scanning the QR code on the window sign with a mobile tagging app downloaded information and reviews about this restaurant.

Where's the Bus?
Clicking the QR code at a New York City bus stop retrieves the arrival time of the next bus.

QR Codes Can Be Colorful
These two codes downloaded Web pages. The top one linked to an Escort mobile app, and the bottom one was a news release from Personal Communications Devices (PCD).
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Restaurant operators receive an individual QR code for their restaurant.
Soon to be released findings of a new Visa security survey reveal that 32% of respondents in Pakistan are aware of QR code payments and 18% have used it of the respondents who have used it, 80% like the technology.
Payments via QR codes would strengthen confidence and convenience for Cambodian customers travelling to Thailand, said Chhoeng Vanna, vice-president and head of the Project Management Office at Acleda Bank, which is currently in contact with four banks in Thailand to facilitate payments through QR codes.
'This will help to verify the attestation of their documents via QR Code scanner, ' reads the statement.
Using the new features, once a visitor has booked in (either via MCVS or the new self-service SSVM touchscreen module), the visitor can then use the QR code to gain access through a door, turnstile, speed lane, etc.
When scanned by customers, the QR code will take them to a webpage showing the grade of the outlet given by Dubai authorities in terms of adherence to hygiene and food safety standards
The National Bank of Cambodia and the Bank of Thailand have agreed to a deal to cooperate in a QR code payment system.
It will be "win-win" because retail stores will be able to pay lowered fees on credit card transactions as they will use a single QR code network system run by Shinhan, BC and Lotte and approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).
QR code payment, which first became popular in mainland China, allows cardholders to pay merchants by scanning a QR code, enabling fund transfers from their account to the merchant without the need for a point-of-sale terminal.
MANAMA: The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has decided to standardise merchant presented quick response code (QR code) specifications used by retail payment systems in Bahrain.