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On drawings, abbr. for quarter round.
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QR code

(Quick Response code) A two-dimensional barcode widely used for many purposes. When scanned with a mobile tagging app in a smartphone, the QR code can cause a Web page or app to download or even capture business card data. Codes are found in newspapers, magazines, brochures and store shelves, and billboard-size codes can be scanned at a distance, because the QR app uses the phone's camera.

4K of Alphabetic Data
The QR code can store up to 4,296 alphanumeric or 7,089 numeric characters, and if a high level of error correction is used, up to 30% of the image can be smudged and still be recognized. Created in the mid-1990s by a Toyota subsidiary to track parts on assembly lines, they are widely used in Japan. The technology became an ISO standard in 2000 and gained popularity in the U.S. within the decade.

Google Was a Big Promoter
To promote its local business service, Google sent 100,000 custom-coded QR codes to U.S. establishments in 2009, suggesting they place the code in a prominent location for "mobile tagging." See QR code stickers, barcode, Google Goggles and malicious QR code.

Roll Your Own
To create your own QR code, visit the Kaywa QR code generator at http://qrcode.kaywa.com.

QR Code for ComputerLanguage.com URL
The scanner looks for four squares (arrows) and two alignment lines (yellow) that alternate black and white.

QR Code for ComputerLanguage.com URL
The scanner looks for four squares (arrows) and two alignment lines (yellow) that alternate black and white.

Walking Down the Street
Scanning the QR code on the window sign with a mobile tagging app downloaded information and reviews about this restaurant.

Where's the Bus?
Clicking the QR code at a New York City bus stop retrieves the arrival time of the next bus.

QR Codes Can Be Colorful
These two codes downloaded Web pages. The top one linked to an Escort mobile app, and the bottom one was a news release from Personal Communications Devices (PCD).
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Second-Degree AV Blocks Type of AV Block Rhythm P-Waves Second-Degree Atrial: regular Sinus origin Mobitz Type 1 Ventricular: irregular Second-Degree Atrial: regular Sinus origin with Mobitz Type II Ventricular: two or more regular or P-waves before irregular each QRS 2:1 Atrial: regular Sinus origin Ventricular: Every other P-wave regular is not followed by a QRS complex.
The importance of computational logic "adder" in the complex signal processing applications is proved in this paper, by incorporating the adder in the digital filter of the QRS detector.
The values of QRS and LAS40 were nearly identical between groups and therefore unlikely that the addition of more animals in each group allows identification of significant differences.
QRS Diagnostic's product line expansion and global presence has fostered company growth as well.
Sodium bicarbonate to correct widened QRS in a case of flecainide overdose.
The most frequent ECG change observed is P-pulmonale and Right Axis Deviation of QRS complex seen in grade II and III severity.
Complete delineation of the ECG allows evaluating not only the HRV but also the PR interval and P-wave duration in order to analyze atria activation and QRS complex with the aim of evaluating ventricular depolarization and QT interval for measuring ventricular depolarization and repolarization jointly and T-wave peak-to-end interval to quantify transmural ventricular repolarization.
QRS complex detection algorithm has been studied for decades, two major methods of study being hardware and software methods classified by the way of realization, of which hardware methods are, according to literature, far less flexible and convenient, so that software methods are under more discussion.
In the first method, the QTc was first determined by the new spline and Bazett formula and the JT interval was calculated by subtracting QRS duration from the corrected QT.
Atrial repolarization wave ([T.sub.a] wave) is usually not perceptible on the ECG as it has low magnitude of 100-200 microvolts and is usually concealed by the ensuing QRS complex [1].