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quad bike

, quad
a vehicle like a motorcycle with four large wheels, designed for agricultural, sporting, and other off-road uses
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A series of four separately insulated conductors, generally twisted together in pairs.
A series-parallel combination of transistors; used to obtain increased reliability through double redundancy, because the failure of one transistor will not disable the entire circuit.
(graphic arts)
One of the small pieces of metal used in typesetting to space or to fill out a line of characters; used mostly to fill space when indenting the first line and to fill out the last line of type.
A unit of heat energy, equal to 1015British thermal units, or approximately 1.055 × 1018 joules.
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On drawings, abbr. for quadrangle.

quadrangle, quad

1. A rectangular courtyard or grassy area enclosed by buildings or a building. Most often used in connection with academic or civic building groupings.
2.Buildings forming a quadrangle.
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The rectangle or box glyph used in the APL language for various arcane purposes mostly related to I/O.
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Savills secured Quad Prep a private entrance and elevator, a gradual expansion plan across its two floors and the rights for further expansion space within the building.
Quad County Hospice serves Christian, Shelby, Fayette and Montgomery counties.
In a world where 'might is right,' the revitalization of the QUAD shows the Philippines that there is strength in numbers in order to survive in a rapidly changing and challenging Indo-Pacific region.
While it's unclear how the argument will end, it seems like Quad may have just burned another bridge.
"But this time we thought we would bring something new to the table, have a Quad room but also have a room celebrating other Liverpool favourites.
The quad bike, which was travelling towards Binley, left the carriageway and the rider collided with a barrier.
According to the police statistics, nine quad bike incidents were reported in 2016, which highlighted the need to run such campaigns periodically in coordination with the Tourist Police to ensure the safety of camps and curb the misuse of quad bikes.
Police confirmed all four - two men aged 20, a woman aged 18 and a teenage girl aged 16 - had been on the quad bike.
The Suzuki LT50 quad quad L bike was stolen from outside a house in Westbourne Avenue, Rhyl, sometime between December 6 and 8, when unknown offenders got into the back garden through a alleyway down the side of house.
The third quad bike is red and the model is unknown.
South Pasadena, CA, August 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The MotoTec 24V Mini Quad comes with a 350 watt electric motor which has the capability to reach speeds of up to 8 mph.