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(in medieval romance) an expedition by a knight or company of knights to accomplish some prescribed task, such as finding the Holy Grail
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What does it mean when you dream about a quest?

A quest indicates an attempt to achieve some kind of goal. The dreamer may have reached a stage in life where the status quo is no longer acceptable and some adventure is beckoning.

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Ahab, Captain
pursues Moby Dick, the great white whale, even to the point of losing his own life. [Am. Lit.: Melville Moby Dick]
Jason’s galley, on which the Argonauts sailed in search of the Golden Fleece. [Gk. Myth.: Benét, 47]
young girl, lost in dream world, follows the Yellow Brick Road to find the Wizard of Oz. [Am. Lit.: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]
El Dorado
mythical land of gold treasures, object of Spanish expeditions. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 159]
Golden Fleece
pelt of winged ram sought by Jason and Argonauts. [Rom. Legend: Zimmerman, 113]
its pursuit is central theme of some Arthurian romances. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
girdle of secured after fight with Amazon queen; Hercules’ ninth Labor. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Hall, 149]
Knights of the Round Table
set out to find the Holy Grail. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
ship in which Captain Ahab pursued the great white whale. [Am. Lit.: Melville Moby Dick]
Ponce de León, Juan
(c. 1460–1521) Spanish explorer; sought the fountain of youth. [Span. Hist.: NCE, 2188]
old fisherman in search of marlin. [Am. Lit.: The Old Man and the Sea]
Siege Perilous
a seat at King Arthur’s Round Table for the knight destined to find the Holy Grail; it was fatal to any other occupant. [Br. Lit.: Morte d’Arthur; Benét, 929]
young warrior looks everywhere for the father he has never known. [Br. Poetry: Arnold “Sohrab and Rustum”]
relentlessly searches for father, Odysseus. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
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A language designed for its simple denotational semantics. "The Denotational Semantics of Programming Languages", R. Tennent, CACM 19(8):437-453 (Aug 1976).


QUantifiers and SubTypes. Language with a sophisticated type system. Just as types classify values, "kinds" classify types and type operators. Explicit universal and existential quantification over types, type operators, and subtypes. Subtyping is defined inductively on all type constructions, including higher-order functions and abstract types. User-definable higher-order type operators.

"Typeful Programming", Luca Cardelli <>, RR 45, DEC SRC 1989.

Implemented in Modula-3.


(tool, text)
A multimedia authoring system. Quest has been available for MS-DOS for some time. Version 3.5 for Microsoft Windows was released around March 1995. It features an Authorware-style flowchart system with an ANSI-C script language.
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Quest disk

A 4.7GB removable hard disk from SyQuest that was geared for DVD mastering and general storage. Using magnetoresistive (MR) heads, it was the fastest, highest-capacity, removable disk on the market when introduced in 1998. However, before it could gain any momentum, SyQuest went into Chapter 11. See SyQuest and magnetic disk.

Quest Cartridge
For a brief moment in time, the Quest disk was the fastest, highest-capacity removable disk on the market. With Iomega's acquisition of SyQuest's assets, the Quest disk may yet survive.


(Qwest Communications International Inc., Denver, CO, Now part of CenturyLink, Qwest is a telecommunications company that offers services to carriers, businesses and homes using an extensive fiber-optic network throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Qwest began in 1988 as the SP Construction subsidiary of Southern Pacific Railroad, laying fiber optic cables for carriers along railroad right-of-ways. In 1991, it became SP Telecom, a subsidiary of Anschutz Corporation (Philip Anschutz owned Southern Pacific).

In the mid-1990s, SP Telecom acquired Qwest Transmission, Inc., a digital microwave carrier and subsequently changed its name. It also began leasing fiber to carriers. In 1998, it introduced retail long distance service in selected cities at 7.5 cents per minute, a breakthrough price at that time.

In 2000, Qwest took a giant leap forward in size by acquiring Denver-based U S WEST, one of the original regional Bell operating companies that served 14 states throughout the western U.S. Qwest claimed its network bandwidth was greater than AT&T, WorldCom and Sprint combined. In 2011, Qwest was acquired by CenturyLink. See Nacchio's law.
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