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What does it mean when you dream about a quilt?

A patchwork quilt may indicate the many parts of the dreamer’s life that have been pieced together and stitched into a cover or skin to provide protection and warmth for body and soul.

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It is usually something warm and pretty that we cover ourselves with for comfort. The different parts of a quilt may represent the harmonious coexistence of many aspects of your life. Your unconscious may be comforting you in this dream by saying, “You are doing a good job. Keep going!” If you lack comfort and harmony then this dream may be compensatory and providing you with that which you need more of in daily life.
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While each quilt is special and is sent with respect and love, sometimes a certain quilt strikes a special chord with an individual.
I'd hear myself say, "Oh, no," as I'd come to another "Story of A Quilt" and feel overcome with emotion again and again.
She first made a quilt, with a football theme, for her son many years ago, and hadn't quilted since.
This quilt was a remake of a quilt I made for my daughter when she was little.
Every year they produce a quilt for a charity raffle.
According to Quilt makers, they become busy in stitching quilts from morning till midnight due to considerably increased demand.
Software is helpful for planning the layout; if you don't have software, print several templates of the chosen quilt designs and place designs accordingly.
When Trish Bowman makes a memory quilt, the focus is on a time, a place, a person or an activity.
Quilt is an additional item besides their regular products of pillow and mattress, said a quilt maker at local market.
Isabelle, who was a regular diarist, wrote, "Daddy sewed on quilt," or, "Ernest sewing," or variations of the same hundreds of times in her quotidian writings.