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Caption: With the acquisition of facilities and technology developments in InSb from Sagem, QWIP and In GaAs from Thales though an agreement signed last December, Sofradir reinforced its leading market position not only in Europe but also at global level.
QWIP technology is based on phototransitions between electron energy states in so-called quantum wells, the energy level between an electron's valance and conduction band.
Sofradir also offers QWIP detectors developed in cooperation with Thales.
These versatile cameras utilize InGaAs, InSb, QWIP and microbolometer sensors and cover the entire infrared spectrum, near-, midwave-, and longwave-IR.
GCS currently offers a broad portfolio of advanced RF processes (InGaP HBT, PHEMT, IPD and SAW), and various optoelectronics processes for products such as GaAs and InGaAs PIN PD and imaging array, APD, VCSEL, Laser, modulator, QWIP and LED.