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QWIP Systems completed an amalgamation agreement on December 1, 2006, with Cantronic Systems Inc.
VIASPACE owned common shares in the US subsidiary that were redeemed and converted to 2,184,668 common shares of QWIP Systems.
AIM's state of the art QWIP modules, based upon AIM's highly reputed hybridization, dewar, cryocooler and electronics technology have recently been developed in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institut for Angewandte Festkoerperphysik (IAF, Freiburg, Germany) and uses patented technology from IAF.
In December 1999 OmniCorder received FDA clearance to market its QWIP based BioScan System for applications including the adjunctive diagnosis of breast cancer and other diseases affecting the perfusion or reperfusion of blood in tissue and organs.
OmniCorder has been developing disease detection applications with the QWIP sensor since 1997.
Due to the high level of interest in QWIP technology, and our fast-pace growth strategy, we are also planning to add a Technical Director and Marketing Director to the QWIP Technologies team,'' explains Kukkonen.
McLennan added that while the new staffing additions will further strengthen the bond between QWIP Technologies and JPL, the company will continue to work with its current commercial affiliates to meet outsourcing needs and further strengthen its in-house manufacturing capabilities.
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been engaged in developing QWIP technology for the past 10 years.
QWIP technology has been developed to meet the highest infrared standards required today.
The new, noninvasive diagnostic weapon against breast cancer uses the QWIP technology, placing QWIP on a new level of importance in this emerging field.
Sarath Gunapala, principle engineer of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's device research and applications section, and the JPL consultant for Rainbow's subsidiary, QWIP Technologies LLC.
QWIP Technologies, the joint venture between ViaSpace Technologies and Rainbow Group of Companies (RBP: CDNX), is the sole source for bound to quasibound QWIP Focal Plane Arrays.