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The Qaidam Basin is the third largest inland basin of China, and covers approximately 250,000 [km.
Wu, The Application of Profile Control Technology in Lion Ditch Oilfield in Qaidam Basin, Qinghai ShiYou, 29, 6 (2011).
Dissolution and its impacts on reservoir formation in moderately to deeply buried strata of mixed siliciclastic-carbonate sediments, northwestern Qaidam basin, Northwest China (in Chinese with English abstract).
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Meanwhile police recovered dead body of a tourist whose car was plunged into the River Swat near Qaidam area on Eid day.
Wang CW, Hong HL, Song BW, Yin K, Li ZH, Zhang KX, Ji JL (2011) The early-Eocene climate optimum (EECO) event in the Qaidam basin, northwest China: clay evidence.
meridianus (Liang, 2007; Li, 2008) prompted us to speculate that this animal in Qaidam Basin might have migrated to the Tibetan Plateau via the Gansu Corridor, which was initially at a lower altitude.
The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) said once complete the line proposes to carry wind and solar-generated energy in Jiuquan of Gansu Province, Hami of Xinjiang, and Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province to the rest of the country.
The linear dunes in China's Qaidam Basin have been proposed to have formed as self-extending lee dunes under a unidirectional wind regime owing to a high level of total silt, clay, and salt content or cohesiveness of sediments, and they have undergone southward lateral migration at rates of up to 3 m/yr.
The strike direction of the southern part reflects the North Qaidam Thrust Belt (see the lower rose diagram).
Kapp wondered where the missing material was, so he and his team went to China's Qaidam Basin to collect more information about the yardangs, the history of wind erosion, and dust.
The team studied gigantic keel-shaped ridges of rock called yardangs in the Qaidam Basin in Central Asia.