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see DecapolisDecapolis
[Gr.,=ten cities], confederacy of 10 ancient cities, all E of the Jordan, except Scythopolis. The others were (according to Pliny) Dion, Pella, Gadara, Hippos, Gerasa, Philadelphia, Damascus, Raphana, and Kanatha.
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; KenathKenath
, in the Bible, town, ancient Palestine, E of the Jordan. It was captured and renamed by Nobah after himself. It was later the Kanatha of the Decapolis.
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The plan will include wells in the villages and towns of al-Raha, Masad, al-Qraya, Zibin, Zkeir, Radimet al-Liwa, Salkhad, Hout, Ara and Qanawat, according to Singer.
The delegation first visited the town of Qanawat and its Druze spiritual leader, followed by the town of Sahwet Blat, as well as the governorate's branch of the Syrian Bth Party and the governor of Swaida.
A major mobile value-added-service (VAS) provider in the Middle East, based in Dubai, Qanawat, has opened its first office in Saudi Arabia.
Qanawat, a leading mobile value-added-service (VAS) provider in the Middle East, has strengthened its regional presence by opening the first office in Saudi Arabia.
Summary: The rise and rise of the mobile phone affects SMEs as both users of the technology for their business processes as well as a means to grow and communicate with their consumer base, says Erin Ewing, Head of Mobile Advertising at Qanawat
Qanawat, the leading distributor for Mobily's products in the region, has recently honored its client and distributor partners in an annual party it used to hold to hand over awards, the party was held at the Holiday Inn in Riyadh.
For the UAE Nokia Music Store, music is provided by all major international and regional labels including Universal, Sony BMG, Warner, EMI, Rotana and leading content aggregator Qanawat, as well as thousands of independent labels.
These boys, photographed by Gadmer in October 1921, are probably Druze from Qanawat, 100 kilometres south of Damascus.
Satellite television network Dubai TV has launched an interactive mobile portal with local partner Qanawat, using mobile media delivery platform from U-Turn Media Group, a provider of end-to-end solutions for interactive mobile media.
The lack of Hellenistic influence in architecture is well illustrated by Werner Oenbrink's essay on round tombs of the late Hellenistic-early Imperial period from Qanawat, which, he argues, developed out of an earlier tumulus form.
Other three-star sites like Apamea, Bosra, Krak des Chevaliers, Marqab, Palmyra, Sahyoun (since 1957 called Saladin castle by the Syrian government, though, as the author points out, he had nothing to do with its construction) and Saint Simeon are likewise given considerable coverage, as are two-star sites like Dura Europos, Ezraa, Husn Suleiman, Qalb Lozeh, Qanawat, Safita, Tartous and Ugarit.