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see KarmathiansKarmathians
or Carmathians
, a Muslim sect of the 9th and 10th cent., similar to the Assassin sect. They were part of a movement for social reform that spread widely through Islam from the 9th to the 12th cent.
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In a July 29, 2017, talk to al-Hadath - the non-stop news stream of the Saudi-owned pan-Arab TV channel al-Arabiya, Husseini described Iran's Safawi theocracy as a modern anti-Islamic version of the Qarmatian theocracy founded in the 10th century AD in Bahrain and the Saudi Eastern Province.
906-944AD) was the ruler of the Qarmatian state in Bahrain (historical region) and Eastern Arabia, who in 930 led the sacking of Mecca.
her, and he soon assassinated his elder brother and declared himself chief of the Qarmatians in 923.
After capturing Basra, the Qarmatians loot it and then left.
Called by some the "Bolsheviks of Islam," the Qarmatians advocated community of wives and property, and organized workers and artisans into guilds.
The observer described the Black Stone of the Ka bah, which the Qarmatians removed in 317/929, providing a terminus ante quem for the visit (Shaft, 422).
Most disturbing about its reappearance in this form is not the highly improbable attribution to Abdan and the early Qarmatians - after all, there are indications that a number of Abdan's followers wrote books in a period subsequent to his murder in 286 and ascribed them to his authorship.
The caliph Muktafi (902-8), having been repeatedly defeated by the Qarmatians and the remnants of his empire about to vanish, was warned by the court astrologers that if he launched another campaign he would be defeated and his dynasty terminated; but this too was proved wrong, as had been the horoscope cast by Mansur's astrologers at the founding of Baghdad that claimed no caliph would die in the new city, which held true until Mamun (813-33) killed Amin (809-13) in it.