lake, Egypt: see MoerisMoeris
, ancient name of Lake Karun (Arab. Birket Qarun), c.90 sq mi (230 sq km), NE Egypt, in El Faiyum. The size of the lake is much reduced from that described by ancient travelers, such as Herodotus.
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These fossils were in Wadi El Hitan and Qarun Lake in Fayoum--most people don't know it exists.
The government plans to sign a loan agreement worth e1/4300m to develop Lake Qarun by the end of February.
Marzouk had created similar nature-themed projects in Eygpt near Lake Qarun.
In 1988, Shell had a major gas find in the north of the WD between the Qattara Depression and Lake Qarun.
Such projects include financing Kitchener sanitation with EUR 209 million, the rehabilitation of sanitation at Lake Qarun in Fayoum with EUR 172 million and the technical support grant worth EUR 400.
Distribution of copper and zinc in both water and some vital tissues of two fish species (Tilapia zillii and Mugil cephalus) of Lake Qarun, Fayoum Province, Egypt.
Muslim) The story of Qarun is worth mentioning here.
The former began with Siamak Yasami's Qarun's Treasure (Ganj-e Qarun, 1965), "in which two male buddies avidly devour lamb-and-potato stew, abgusht, the traditional lower-class meal, while singing a happy, humorous, and danceable tune" (197).
Everyone has to make a decision: You will either live like Qarun (who lived at the time of Moses and is known for his wealth and arrogance) or follow in the footsteps of Abu Dhar and the Prophet Muhammad.
Ramadan, Abu-Zied Ostracods and the Holocene palaeolimnology of Lake Qarun, with special reference to past human-environment interactions in the Faiyum (Egypt)
Apache's commitment to Egypt began in 1994 with their first Qarun discovery well.