river, China: see FuchunFuchun
or Qiantang
, river, 285 mi (459 km) long, Zhejiang prov., SE China. An important commercial artery, it flows NE to the East China Sea at Hangzhou. The tide rushing into the river from the bay causes a bore from 5 to 15 ft (1.5–4.
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Located on the southern bank of Qiantang River, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center will equal the Bird's Nest in Beijing in capacity to become one of China's largest stadiums.
People gathered watch the Qiantang bore, in China How often do tidal bores occur?
Hangzhou is located near the southeast coast of China, in northern Zhejiang province along the north bank of the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and south of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
The Buddhist monk Wenying, a native of Qiantang (modern Hangzhou) who was active in the second half of the eleventh century, followed previous texts in identifying the prince of Jian as Li Bian's ancestor.
The Qiantang Bank in East China's Zhejiang Province has been asked to close after authorities found that it had been operating without authorisation.
Regis Chengdu; The Azure Qiantang, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hangzhou; The Castle Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dalian; and W Beijing - Chang'an.
It lies in the JiuXi (Nine Creek) district, with the QianTang River to the south, and Westlake Scenic Area to the north.
TOURISTS take photos with their smartphones as a tidal wave hits a bank along the Qiantang River in Haining, China, yesterday.
The Qiangmuleiqu Formation is distinctly different from Yanshiping Group in the Qiantang basin in terms of lithology and fossils assemblages.
Summary: Visitors have come out in force to see a giant wave on the Qiantang river in eastern China.
The Xin'an River, which feeds into the Fuchun and Qiantang rivers, is the main source of drinking water for several cities in Zhejiang, including Hangzhou.
The eclipse's totality is likely to last for five minutes and 40 seconds at the Qiantang River, a three-hour drive from Shanghai - and there, Wendy Wu will build a massive viewing platform, with guest astronomers on hand to explain what's happening.