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CTDC, along with our great partner QNE, will apply our combined experience and technology to ensure the successful launch of our initial 30MW project in 2009."
How do Honors students' perspectives differ from those of the QNE students at CMU?
The primary concerns of CMU QNE students relate to the stress of extra work, tougher classes, and meeting Honors Protocol requirements.
QNE VI.3.118va: "And if this kind of predication [that is, of absolute terms] can be preserved of him [God] without anything added to him, it could also be preserved in other things, because it will be otiose to posit a relation in matter, in the soul, or in any other principle at all, other than a soul added to its foundation."
(28) "Our soul is something that exists indivisibly in the entire body and in each part of it"; QNE 6.6.143rb.