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He scored a hundred even in a recent Quadi e Azam Trophy match in Sialkot.
Quadi, Marcomanni and the Suebian Confederation in Domitian's and Trajan's Dacian Wars
He also covers extensively the affairs in Armenia, and ValensAE diplomatic dealings with the Sarmatae and Quadi in Pannonia and Valeria after he had pacified the Alamannic King Macrianus.
The negative attitude of the Goths towards the Romanian Empire changed in the era of Marcus Aurelius (161-180AD) when the Germanic clans known as Quadi and Marcomanny allied to attack the side of top of Danube at Pannonian.
Schlunk puso en relacion directa la arquitectura de La Alberca con la tradicion persa y, en concreto, con la iglesia sasanida de Quars bint el Quadi.
an advance handover of 213 villas in March, according to CEO Al Quadi.
This project reminded me an old topic of philosophical historiography about Marcus Aurelius, the first Austrian philosopher, because he wrote some chapters of his main work in the field of his battle against Marcomanni and Quadi in a region, which later became the part of the Hapsburg Empire (Mester 2008).
In Islamic legal parlance it refers to 'an opinion on a point of law rendered by a mufti (legal consultant) in response to a question submitted to him by a private individual or by a quadi (religious judge, magistrate)' (Esposito, 1982: 128).
Two years later, he headed for India -- via Transoxiana, Khurasan and Afghanistan -- and found employment as a quadi, or Islamic judge, in the government of the Sultan of Delhi.
Faustina the younger seems to have been the first to be called "mother of the camps" when she accompanied Marcus Aurelius on a campaign against the Quadi in the early 170s.
He commented that a quadi is prohibited from contradicting the statutory legislation or from changing it, even in a case in which it is confused, because legislation is the ruler's function.
B the mid-first century there was a chain of clients from the lower Rhine to the middle Danube: Frisii, Batavii, Hermunduri, Marcomanni, Quadi and Sarmatians.