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an ancient Greek and Roman two-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses, which were harnessed all abreast, and driven by a charioteer in standing position. Light-weight quadrigae were used in horse racing, which occupied an important place in the Olympics and other public games. Descriptions of these races can be found in Homer, Virgil, and other classical authors. Large quadrigae were used by emperors and victorious military leaders in triumphal processions. Sculptured representations of quadrigae, driven by deities or allegorical figures of glory, happiness, and the like, were used to decorate ancient Greek and Roman buildings. Bas-reliefs depicting quadrigae are often found on ancient Greek and Roman medals, cameos, and intaglios. In the 18th and 19th centuries quadrigae were used to decorate the frontons of large, imposing buildings and triumphal arches in Russia and Western Europe.11–1678–3]

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In classical ornamentation and derivatives, the representation of a chariot drawn by four horses, i.e., a royal or divine accouterment. Also See triga, biga.
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