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ability to use two languages. Fluency in a second language requires skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, although in practice some of those skills are often considerably less developed than others.
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It must be stated that the quadrilingual formula of Figure 1 is not the norm for all signs in Singapore.
Tawabo is a quadrilingual robot who guides tours around Tokyo Tower for some of their 100,000 foreign visitors.
As a multicultural, quadrilingual federation, Switzerland feels at ease
The first section focuses on the growing field of trilingual interpretation in the US that encompasses English, Spanish, and ASL (American Sign Language) and sometimes grows to quadrilingual if LSM (Mexican Sign Language) is added as well.
Of special note is that the quadrilingual text section is in English, Germany, French, and Spanish.
Merging his translations with temple names in his April 1844 King Follett sermon, Smith announced proudly, holding aloft a quadrilingual New Testament, that the text "talks about Yachaubon [Iakobos] the son of Zebedee--means Jacob.
a quadrilingual 'glossary of legislative' terms (QGLT) completed in three languages, sponsored by NERDC;
As an appropriate follow-up to her acclaimed debut (Jazzamerica, Crazy Monkey, 2004), the Berkeley-horn, thirty-something and quadrilingual (she delivers her vibrant lead vocals in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French) singer/songwriter Alexa Weber Morales offers--in close alliance with the trombonist/arranger/co-producer Wayne Wallace--a soulful Pan-American brew comprised mostly of well-known but significantly transformed pieces, in which she injects her exciting multi-octave range, from the opening French vocals and pilonpregon adjustment of Habanera (the famous aria from Bizet's "Carmen") to the compelling 6/8 gospel focus of Angelitos negros to the poignant adaptation of the samba-cancao Ave rara.
They introduce at least one new way of interpreting The Ear Picker that concerns the relationship of the senses to the process of enlightenment, a theme that is simultaneously being discussed as the Qianlong emperor sponsors a new, quadrilingual edition of the Surangama Sutra.
1101), while largely sustaining a quadrilingual culture of Greek and Latin Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
But the public perception of her as a flame-haired icon of style and grace is perfectly understandable as she is actually a quadrilingual Polish countess -the family wealth and lands were lost in the war -and she fronted a longlasting, worldwide advertising campaign for hair products which played on her public image.
Quadrilingual Switzerland is apparently becoming a 2 1/2--language Switzerland, where people speak their mother tongue and English and understand a second national language.