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1. a square dance of five or more figures for four or more couples
2. a piece of music for such a dance, alternating between simple duple and compound duple time


an old card game for four players
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(1) A dance prevalent among many peoples. As a rule, it is written in 2/4 time and consists of five or six figures, each of which has its own name and special musical accompaniment. It came to Russia from France. From the late 17th century to the late 19th, the quadrille was one of the most popular dances of the salon. It also became widespread among the common people, bearing different names; there exist Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian quadrilles.

(2) At tournaments, carousels, and the like, a group of fourhorsemen, usually in costume.

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Several of the routines are quadrilles, memorized dances with five complicated patterns that were taught by dance masters.
The doctors believed dancing was good for the patients so Elgar composed several sets of Quadrilles and Lancers each with a name giving a clue to their musical character: The Young Flirt, The Valentine and The Brunette plus polkas named Nellie and The Blonde.
En 1984, agee de 70 ans elle obtient un doctorat en Arts et traditions populaires a l'Universite Laval avec sa these << La danse traditionnelle au Canada francais : quadrilles et collions >> et en 2008, agee de 94 ans, elle publie son dernier livre La Contredanse au Quebec.
Writing over 500 waltzes, polkas, and quadrilles, Johann Strauss II was known by many as the 'Waltz King'.
The second 'Reel of Eight' in this same manuscript transposes the circle, set and turn partners, and hands across to a longways set, as clearly indicated in the opening instruction: 'Four couples arranged in two lines as for a country dance.' (16) These figures are followed by a poussette and a final figure explicitly linking the dance in form and style with the quadrilles: "The Chase or Procession as in "Les Landers" 7 Chasses & jette assemble.' The dance is 48 bars long.
George's Hall, Vasily Petrenko leads the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic through music by the Strauss family, waltzes, quadrilles and polkas.
Attractions on the equine timetable this year include Olympic three-day eventer Mary King, practical horsemanship demonstrations, Lusitano quadrilles, side saddle concours d'elegance and a show-stopping performance from the Knights of Middle England Jousting team.
The authors examined the vertical jump performance of each leg among 10 right-footed female ballet dancers with 1 year of international professional experience (quadrilles: Opera ballerinas).
Outrageous but entertaining multidimensional geometric figures with strange names dance Kandinsky-like quadrilles.
They included quadrilles (squares), contra dances (using many of the same figures as square dance, but danced by couples in two facing lines -- for example, the Virginia reel), and round dances like the varsovienne, the waltz, and the polka.
The choice was perfect and it lifted us into a delightful evening of waltzes, quadrilles and polkas, danced, sung and played with great panache beneath the benign baton of Christopher WarrenGreen, himself no mean violinist as he proved to us in an exquisite solo.