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A string-oriented language designed to support the construction of Modula-3 programs from modules, interfaces and libraries. Written by Stephen Harrison of DEC SRC, 1993.
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What does it mean when you dream about a quake?

Tumultuous movements or quaking in a dream may indicate inner turmoil and upset in the dreamer’s life that needs to be addressed. The dreamer may be repressing anxiety and need to change conditions to alleviate it.

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As of posting, Itbayat Vice Mayor Ronald Gutierrez said the casualties from the quake have risen to eight.
The Khuzestan quake hit July 8 at 11:30 a.m., a "good" time for a quake, as most people are up and about and do not get trapped in their homes.
Within less than four hours since the main quake, the disaster agency recorded at least 30 aftershocks, it added.
There were no reports of casualties or any damage after the quake hit.
Located along the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, Taiwan uses an intensity scale of 1 to 7, which gauges the degree to which a quake is felt in a specific location.
An increasing number of Koreans feel they are no longer safe from the natural disaster that could destroy the lives of thousands, possibly in split seconds, after experiencing two major quakes in the southeastern region, where the second-strongest 5.8 tremor was felt in 2016.
An earthquake of 4.9 magnitude, he said, was felt 168 kilometres west of Serowe on July 4 and that another one followed on August 12 fifteen kilometres south-southwest of Sojwe with a magnitude of 4.8 while on November 1 a 4.7 magnitude earth quake was reported 139 kilometres of Moiyabana, 170 kilometres west of Serowe.
Relatively recent examples of such "megathrust" quakes include a magnitude-9.1 quake off Japan in 2011, a magnitude-9.1 quake in Indonesia in 2004, a magnitude-9.2 quake that struck Alaska on Good Friday in 1964 and a magnitude-9.5 quake that struck Chile in 1960 - the strongest quake ever recorded.
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He said that local officials were assessing the impact of the quake.
The Prague quake is "not only one of the largest earthquakes to be associated with wastewater disposal, but also one of the largest linked to a remote triggering event," said van der Elst.
Sumitomo, a manufacturer of excavators, asphalt pavers and other construction equipment, is a long-standing customer of QUAKE, having pioneered the integration of QUAKE's Q1200 modem into its equipment tracking and monitoring telematics solution in 2005.