money supply

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money supply:

see moneymoney,
term that refers to two concepts: the abstract unit of account in terms of which the value of goods, services, and obligations can be compared; and anything that is widely established as a means of payment.
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According to renowned economist Milton Friedman's famous quote, inflation is "always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output.
They then fled the property with a quantity of money and valuable goods.
30am and 4pm on Saturday, October 29 - including a PS3 (the older style, larger model), a white iPhone 4, a white Toshiba laptop and a large plastic Stella money box containing a quantity of money.
Yesterday afternoon an 86 year-old female withdrew a large quantity of money from a cash machine before heading into a supermarket in Altrincham,' the post said.
After abandoning the forklift in the car park, the theives fled with the cash machine containing an unknown quantity of money.
The assistant handed over a quantity of money and the man fled.
Axiom 1: Central Banks Cannot Determine the Quantity of Money in Circulation
Three white males in their late teens, one of whom was markedly taller than the other two, intimidated the victim into handing over a small quantity of money before assaulting him.
Mr Gilmore said the deficit targets set and agreed had been expressed in percentage terms and not in terms of a quantity of money.
Nicholson pled guilty to assaulting Wilson, demanding money from her and robbing her of a quantity of money on January 30 last year.
Only the actions of individuals in unhampered market can determine the optimal quantity of money (or anything else) in an actual historical situation.
A quantity of money and drugs were seized together with mobile phones and computers druing the impact day raids.