Quasi-Static Process

quasi-static process

[¦kwä·zē ′stad·ik ′prä·səs]
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Quasi-Static Process


equilibrium process, the infinitely slow transition of a thermodynamic system from one equilibrium state to another, in which the physical state of the system at any given moment differs infinitesimally from the equilibrium state. Equilibrium in a system in a quasi-static process is established many times more rapidly than change in the physical parameters of the system. Any quasi-static process is reversible. Quasi-static processes play an important role in thermodynamics, since thermodynamic cycles including only quasi-static processes yield maximum work values. The term "quasi-static process" was proposed in 1909 by C. Caratheodory.

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Consider a quasi-static process of heat transfer taking place between the human physiological system and the physical environment as a result of a stressful event.
(5) Sliding is simulated as a quasi-static process, i.e.
However, we found that ordered domains can be impressed on the case of rectangular lattice if the assembly of magnetic compasses is transformed from the triangular lattice arrangement to the rectangular one by a quasi-static process (Fig.5A, Fig.5B).
As many of us learned in our thermo courses, the area enclosed by a cycle on a Pv diagram is a measure of the work out of the device, for quasi-static processes. In Fig.
They may also be used to measure short term, quasi-static processes. The removable cable allows for a choice of lengths and terminating connector type, and facilitates easy field repair in the event a cable is damaged.
With a maximum cycle time of 25 days, the system is practically unlimited and can also be used for quasi-static processes such as compression processes.

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